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Google Upgraded Hangouts into Two Apps ‘Meet and Chat’

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Why Google split Hangout into two apps Meet and Chat? Google has made an official announcement at the Google Cloud’s Next Conference that it will be splitting Hangout into two business apps called Meet and Chat and these two products are likely to come laced with different variants of Google Assistant, says the report.

Google split hangout into Meet and Chat

As per the reports, Google is working on its improvement of GSuite which is its enterprise offerings. The new products that Google has split hangout as Hangout Chat and Hangout Meet are all about a Video and audio communications. In short, these two products are the enterprise counterparts to Allo and Duo.

The Google’s  two products Meet and Chat apps seem more like a dating app, and the fans are waiting to get the closer glimpse. However, we must wait for the official launch of the apps and see what’s in store. Hangout Meet has reported that it is available in general and Hangout Chat is going into Google access program. From this, it is understandable the Hangout App isn’t going away, but it also expected that this app might not last evermore too.

Well, let’s just check out what are these two split brand new apps from hangout have in store for us–

Google’s Hangout new app ‘Meet’:

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The new app called Hangout Meet has the video functionality, and this app has live for few weeks helping the users to showcase their team’s project seamlessly with the GSuite integration. Hangout Meet app is designed well equipped and perfect for quick video chatting to atleast 30 people at the time. This app is made available for the both the iOS and Android users, and the users can meet or connect directly without having to connect to a Wi-Fi network or log in to any app. This app will come with a default dial-in number and a having PIN code. Just click on the number to dial, and the PIN code will deliver to you automatically.

Google’s Hangout new app ‘Chat’:

Hangout, as we all know, is a chat and video calling app and now Google has parted Hangout into two apps. Hangout Chat is one of them which is a suggestive of hangouts and also a collaborative tool that has been preferred by many.

Hangout Chat is expected to let the users create group or rooms and also provides the facility to access the third party services like Zendesk, Asana, Zero and Box.

Reason why Google have split Hangout app into two?

According to the reports, Google aims in bringing fast, and frictionless video calling experience to the enterprise through the app called Hangout Meet and Hangout Chat aims to bring a virtual chatting room to enable instant messaging as well as enables to exchange files between the team members. The Hangout Chat is also likely to be integrated with GSuite apps that will make it easy for the people to share files which are stored on the Google Drive.

The exciting features of the Hangout Meet are already released for iOS and The Web, while the Hangout Chat is on its way but you can get access through Google’s Early Adopter Programs so far.

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