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Google Pixel Review, Specs, Price in India

Google Pixel Review, Specs, Price

In this era of technology, the mobile phones have been dominating human lifestyle ever since they came into the scene. In a market filled with renowned & reliable brands like Apple, Samsung, Nokia, etc., a new contender has emerged to challenge these marketing giants. Google has launched the very first Smartphone of their own. Ladies & gentlemen, presenting the Google Pixel!

Google Pixel Review, Specs, Price

This is a very bold attempt by the company, to develop as a hardware company from being only a software company. Google, as we all know, is a very popular search engine.

Google Pixel Review

There has been very good review regarding this remarkable phone. But, also there have been some cons as well. The Google Pixel could not get many remarkable reviews from people. And frankly speaking, in my opinion, there could have been more advancement as compared to the price point.

The battery life sucks, so is the screen quality. And, it certainly doesn’t beat other phones to be the fastest for sure. The only eye-catching thing about the phone is the manufacturer. Everyone had been anticipated because of only the fact that Google was the manufacturing brand behind it. The result has actually come out to be a surprise.

There is no waterproofing in the Smartphone, which is really disappointing. If we look at other phones in the Rs.20000 price segment, many phones from different brands with water resistance feature can be found. So, a question surely arises, why would people go for Google Pixel?

Sadly, the phone has failed to leave an impression in the people’s minds with concerns to both features & pricing. The smartphone is priced at minimum Rs. 57000, which is basically a lot considering the features provided in it.

But if we look at the good things, you will get Google’s assured services pre-installed on the phone. Which makes it quite easier to access regarding official uses. Till now it has not yet made any impact so far, but let’s see what it has stored in for the future.

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Google Pixel Specs & Features

The Google Pixel has got some basic features so to speak. It is a disappointment that comparing to the price point. It doesn’t provide any feature that is remarkable. Below are some of the features of Google Pixel we have considered to mention.

Display: The Google Pixel comes with an AMOLED screen that provides adequate brightness in regards to the surroundings. It comes with auto brightness sensor that makes it better to use during day & night. The display sized counted on 5″ with Full HD.

Built Quality: The build quality of the Google Pixel is not that great. It is of basic plastic material. So, nothing unusual like glass or metal content included, which could have been better considering the pricing of the handset.

Design: The Google Pixel design is pretty simple. It is a basic touchscreen bar phone, having one rear and a front camera. A flashlight has also been included at the back of the phone which is accompanied by a button for taking selfies more comfortably. The overall design and colors (Very Silver/Quite Black) do not attract you at all.

Battery: The battery life is pretty decent, I would say. It is a 2770 mAh battery, which is seemingly enough to last easily for a day, even after a heavy usage. Anyways, if you compare with Google’s previous Smartphones, the Google Nexus series, this loses the battle easily, because those phones had better batteries in them.

RAM & Storage: The RAM in this Smartphone is 4GB, which is pretty satisfactory for a heavy usable phone. Coming to the storage, the Google Pixel has 2 variants, namely the 32 GB & the 128 GB models. No external card slots are offered in the Google Pixel.

Camera: It has a 12.3 MP rear camera with dual tone flash, along with 8 MP front facing Camera for better quality selfies. This is something that I’m pretty sure the users will look up to. The quality of the Camera has been upgraded & is said to have a decent camera.

Google Pixel Review, Specs, Price

Pricing: The handset is priced $649 in the US, £599 in the UK, AU$1,059 in Australia. The price decided by the company is somewhat okay; but, very few features have been included in the handset.

Google Pixel Price In India

In the Indian market, it is set at Rs. 57,000 for 32GB version and Rs. 66,000 for 128 GB device (Flipkart Price), which is available from 26th October 2016. The price seems to be a bit high considering the features of the handset. However, the Indian consumers seem to be quite excited to use this phone for sure. So, a lot can be expected by Google in the Indian market.

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Our Perspective

To conclude, all I can say is that the Google Pixel is not so satisfying when compared with the price point. There could have been better features included. The phone seems to be very basic, just like other budget oriented handsets.

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