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Google Guetzli: New Innovative Way to Compress JPEG [Image Encoder]

google guetzli

Google Guetzli is the new and innovative process by which you can compress any JPEG or PNG file up to 40% than the original. Compressing JPEG file is now a very important task which is necessary for all the people. As the world is turning to become more digitalized, all the official work is done by the help of computers.

Any task like- Official job form fill-up or entrance exam online application fill-up and much more; even for the online enrollment like license and voter ID etc. compress file is made. And in all these online application forms you are always asking for a limit of 10kilobyetes image size to accept.

google guetzli

But problems also arise- if you don’t add the best quality image, your application form is going to be rejected. So you cannot take this risk, but there was no choice until now after Google have developed all new technology that will help you compress JPEG Image which is now the best image compressor until date.

What is Google Guetzli and What can you do?

For compressing the image file like- JPEG or PNG what we actually do is either use the online tools or use the windows Microsoft tools. But yet this is again too complicated and compressing the file will also let you decrease the quality of the JPEG or image. And here we got you the new Google Guetzli software which you can download and install in your Windows PC to compress any file anytime.

While problems also arise if you own a blog. Blogging will need a lots of image manipulating function which ultimately let your image quality decrease to the most. And using the image compressor in your Windows Microsft tools won’t help you get you perfect image. Thus here, Google with its improved algorithm has brought you the solution to compress a JPEG image up to 40% of its Bytes and reduce the size to fit in all field.

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How to download Google Guetzli

Well, the Google Guetzli is still a tested software produced by the Google, so there is no official website from which you can download the original file. While you can also get this underproduction Application in your PC and run the software to compress any file and image.

And to download this Guetzli, you can have it from the Github. Github is the fundamental site from which you can download any software either Testing or Released software from the internet. This software hub is very popular to grab any EXE. file and newly launched software.

Step to Download Google Guetzli

  • Step #1: Go to the Github Google’s official website or simply click on the link given below.
  • Step #2: Now select the Guetzli EXE file
  • Step #3: Next you should click on the Clone or Download Button to download the EXE file
  • Step #4: Finally, click on the downloaded EXE file and start the download as Administrator
  • Step #5: Lastly, the Guetzli file will be downloaded and you can start using the software on your PC.

Click here to download Google Guetzli 

Note- All the step above is only possible for the Windows PC user. Guetzli is not Android apps, so it won’t be available for the smartphones.

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So these are the importance of Google Guetzli. Hope you can now help yourself getting you large JPEG or PNG image and compress it to fit in any source you want. If you are still using the old Microsoft image editor or online service, then here is the change you must have it all in your Windows PC. For more interesting trick and latest technology information keep visiting our site. If you have any suggestion or advice, please leave a comment and share your views.

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