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Google Glass Review: Specs, Features, Price in India, and Where to Buy

Wondering what Google Glass is and how it feels like to wear. Well, Google Glass is designed with a shaped like a lopsided headband which is just like an eyeglass. It is wearable that comes with voice controller on your Android and Smartphone devices where all the information can be displayed directly in the user’s vision that takes this high-tech eyewear computing into a new level by inventing the interactive wearable tech.

Google Glass offers an augmented reality experience that provides you audio, visual location which is based on the provide information by the users. For example, if you want to get the information about your flight status you can directly get the information through voice command and a touchpad which is located on its frame.

Google Glass Review

Google Glass Review

These glasses have built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and a camera for taking photographs and videos. Google has formally announced this product in the year 2012.

Feature of Google Glass

There is lots of feature about Google Glass. Let us check them out here down below:

  • One of the first features of this Google Glass that you can able to capture photos and videos. All you have to say simply “OK Google”, record a video. Then the handset will automatically start to capture the footage.
  • It provides full search engine results via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth or via your Smartphone’s data connection. All you need to do by using the voice detector you can easily ask the Google Glass to identify and object and pull out some information instantly.
  • Through this glass you can navigate easily from point A to point B, this will show you the direction directly in front of your face. With the help of this headset you will be able to get the exact information which street to turn on along with display map of your surroundings via Google map.
  • This glass also has another feature of translation. For example if you ask Google Glass how to say “how are you” in Spanish it instantly respond to it and send you all the information.

All these are the feature of Google Glass. So, let us check out the price in India here down below.

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Specs for Google Glass

  • Adjustable nosepads that comes with durable frame fits in any face.
  • Display comes with high resolution of 25 inch high definition screen.
  • Camera with 5 megapixel and video quality 720p.
  • Audio quality comes with bone conduction Transducer.
  • Connectivity through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • Storage for 12 GB of useable memory that is synced with Google Cloud Storage and has 16GB flash in total.
  • Its battery life is impressive. You can use for maximum one day for video recording.
  • You can charge this glass through micro USB cable and also can charge it through charger.
  • This glass is available both for Android and iOS device.

Price of Google Glass in India

The price rate of Google Glass is not yet officially made in India. The Google product is yet to be available in Indan Market. However, western market is dealing this product with around $150o at Amazon online purchase. If we look at this price rate and compare with Indian currency and market value, the Google Flagship is likely to be available at somewhere near ₹90,000!

Google Glass Virtual View
Google Glass Virtual View

Where to Buy Google Glass Device

As I have mentioned earlier that this hyped tech invnetion is yet to be officially released in India. So you have to wait a little longer for this Gen-next device. There is a rumour this product will be launch soon in the market, but we have no clue when.

Well, these are the review of Google Glass but since it haven’t launch in India but it has already launch in U.K. Since it is not available in the market as yet as I have said there is a rumour to get launch soon. So, we will keep updating it about Google Glass product as it is very useful device which rise up the new era of technology.


Google Glass has created with Sci-Fi looking gadget which everyone wants to wear at least once. But only few were open to buy this product in USA but haven’t launched in India. So, it is difficult to say where we can get this product but still you can search in eBay, the similar product is available out there.

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