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Google Has Launched “Android Taste Test” Check What’s Special About It

Android Taste test

Google has launched its online tool ‘Android Taste Test‘ which enables the users to find widgets, icons and launchers matching their personality in just an easy way by answering to its questions.

However, the users must get their apps with the desired look on the platform although this new tool helps the users in personalizing their home screens but does not take matters entirely on its hand, says the report.

android taste test

The newly launched Android Taste Test is likely to help the users in customizing their home screen, and its series of rapid-fire questions have the ability to understand user’s personality traits. The questions according to the reports include some basic queries like whether the user would prefer for cool or warm tone, whether you like random or patterned styles and much more questions, etc.

The users can find this online tool Android Taste test tool on the Android website.

There are also other essential queries which are understandable and also the tools you need for customizing your home screens such as news, weather and much more.

Suppose you are an expert or just a beginner then this new Taste Test takes into account. Google also seem to suggest the users with its Gboard keyboard every time, and you can also expect Google’s recommendation like music widgets, news, weather, etc.

Android Taste test

Well, the newly launched Taste Test does suggest the users with different launchers and icon packs to ensure that the users get their preferable look on their mobile phones.

Although, it is uncertain how much the veteran user can get a benefit out of this test yet it is useful for the novice or casual users which will help them find or search the best look for their device home screen.

So, if you are looking out for a different look or customizing your device home screen then Android Taste Test an online tool will help you out and worth a shot and give it your phone the next look. There are several of ways to make Android your own, and Google has just launched this great platform.

All you need to do is to answer a quick and fun question, and you will be able to find the right home screen for you.

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