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Google Adwords Keyword Tool Cutting Edge Tutorial

Google Adwords keyword tool is one of the finest tool I ever used. Adword tool is good for both advertisers point of view as well as publishers point of view. Google Adwords is also used for advertising or promoting products or company. I thought of adding this tutorial guide as few of my readers requested me to add this. Adword tool is very useful and helpful for keyword research or targeting keyword.



I had ranked many post on Search engine Google using this tool. This tool is one of the best tool I had ever used. I will teach you the perfect way to use Google adwords keyword tool.

How to use Google Adwords keyword tool?

Google Adword tool is completely free to use. Google adword tool is very easy to use, with very quality results. Google Adwords tool can be used for Keyword research, high CPC keyword, Search volume and many more valuable things. I had written about Google keyword tool and using this Adwords tool for finding best Domain.

Firstly you have to sign up for Google Adwords using Gmail account. After you confirm your account activation, login to your Google adwords account.

Now you find little different layout with some option to make payment to Google Adwords account. Avoid this simple steps if you are not willing to advertise for your company or blog.

 How do we use this Google Adwords tool?

on your Adwords home page menu option you find Tool  on the navigation menu. Click on “tool” you will find some layout like below image.



Now you find 4 options in this image, you can use any of this option for keyword research. However, first option is more suitable compared to other options that is ” Search for new keyword and ad group ideas“. Once you click on this text link on your Google Adwords account, you find options to enter your keyword.



Now, after you enter this keyword and search your keyword. You find list of keyword groups with avg. monthly search volume and advertise CPC biding. Instead of choosing your keyword from this group ideas filter your keywords.

Click on ‘Keyword Ideas‘  to get the exact keyword options which is used by people while searching in search engine (Google).



If you are starting new blog focus on low searched keywords as it will be easy for you to rank your new blog post. High searched keywords are focused by other authorized sites. Due to which small sites fail to rank high searched keyword in 99% cases.

Interesting Fact to increase search volume by targeting multiple keywords:

Once you follow the above given steps, in the last steps you find multiple options of almost same keyword. But the search volume is different and the keyword is little different. Here you can pick up 2 or more related keywords which you can use in your blog post. It is because you cannot keep on writing about single keyword all the time.

But cover up all the keywords by picking up the multiple keywords in single post. This is how you can increase the search volume of your single post by focusing on multiple keyword.

Google Adwords keyword tool is perfect for finding this kind of keyword.

Special search Improvement tips using Google Adwords tool:

This tool have some awesome features which helps us to pick up more targeted keyword.


You can focus country or state by using this Google Adwords keyword tool. If you don’t add any country name by default it shows all location. Once you want to focus country or state you just add the name of the country or city.

Include exclude:

This is one more awesome feature where you can exclude or include any keyword from the keyword ideas. This helps in giving you more nearest idea about the keyword you are focusing on.

Conclusion: You can try various options and various words for finding best keyword. I increased my search traffic by using Google adwords tool. I highly recommend you to use this free keyword research tool for targeting keywords.

If you have any kind of doubts queries you can ask me directly via comments. I will surely clear you every single doubt you ask me.

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  • Hello Paul, thanks for your guideline. Really just amazing tutorial. AS a newcomer blogger i was doing something wrong. But by reading your this article i think , now i can get cool keywords and rank super fast rank for my own Blog. I am going to follow your this tips from today. Will share my reports with you

    Happy Blogging

    • Hi Tonmoy,
      I am very glad that I could help you in understanding through my articles. Thanks for letting me know about the review against my article. Keyword research is very important which we all need to take care of, one blog may go sky height just because of perfect keyword selection……
      Best Regards

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