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Adsense Bans Domain In Strange Way, Check Its Solution!


Google Adsense being one of the best PPC ad networks, we all are very conscious about Google Adsense Account safety. Google Adsense accounts are getting banned every month removing all the accounts, which looks unsafe to Adsense team. Recently, I had experienced one strange thing, that actually bans your Domain and keeps your Adsense account unharmed.

There are many reasons behind AdSense getting banned regularly, which highly includes various practices like fraud clicks, violating Adsense policy by placing ads on downloading sites, adult sites and others etc.

Adsense Domain Ban:

The domain which is banned from displaying ads cannot be monetized using Google Adsense Ads. Even though, if you have active AdSense account the ads won’t display on banned domain.Once Domain is banned in Google Adsense. Recently, a month back I had experienced a very bad experience of getting domain banned from Adsense.

This time, I experienced it in a very different way and it was due to malicious code on my website. As everything was fine and working properly I was unaware of it. Suddenly one of my friend Rajesh Chauhan [Owner of GoogieHost] found that anti-virus shows that the website contains virus while visiting my site. He informed me about the virus issue on my site. Instantly I scanned and found that my site was infected.


Recovering the website:

As I had experienced this issue before and resolved it multiple times, I decided not to waste any more time on it. Now, I started searching for malware on my server with my technical support teammate and tried removing the malware from the site. But as the file was huge it took our important time away.

After we successfully detected the harmed files and removed them from our server, I requested for scanning my website and remove the spam mark from my website. It took me 6 hours to get my problem solved waiting for the Google to fix it.

Like before I successfully recovered from website marked as spam with a notification of “This site may harm your computer“.

But Google Adsense Banned?


This was the most shocking thing for me, as Adsense being one part of my earning source it was sad for me that my Adsense got banned on my main domain. I was having very long term plans and work was going accordingly, later I took a decision that I will still keep working with affiliate marketing and focus on blog development rather than sit and cry.

However, I was still not losing any hope and kept working hard as I have an alternative earning source which keeps me free from worry. This was the time when I realized how important it is not to depend on one earning source solely.

As Google Adsense ads were not displaying anymore on my website I was waiting for Google Adsense ban notice on email so that I could reapply and get my Adsense like we already did.

Check: The Case study of how we got back banned AdSense account for invalid click activity.

But I was really shocked to see that I am not getting any email from Google Adsense since 1 week. After such situation, I left the hope of Adsense and kept working depending on other sources and also experimented with Infolinks. Also, I worked on my alternative blogs along with Chrometechny to increase Adsense earnings.

How I got my Adsense Back?

While moderating blog comments on my blog, I found one of the comments having the same problem I faced. My reader commented on my article where I shared how to recover from Google Spam notification “This site may harm your computer” issue.

Now, I could understand the reason that my blog got listed as spam in Google that’s why they had stopped displaying ads on my blog. Here, I could understand because the same thing was happening with him. I was having a small doubt that this might have happened because of spam issue but I was not confident enough. The most strange thing to me here was that there was no notification at all plus the account was not harmed only the ads stopped displaying on the website.

I immediately re-applied for Google Adsense account for my domain once again. After checking back the website in another 30 min, I found that my blog was approved in just 30 minutes surprisingly. So this was how I got back my site out of Google Adsense domain ban list.

Steps to prevent:

To prevent your site from getting listed on Adsense block list kindly follow the below instruction strictly:

  • Once you get spam notification immediately remove Google Adsense ads till you recover.
  • If you get too late and fails to protect your account, re-apply for Google Adsense using your same domain with the new email.
  • Keep monitoring your website strictly.
  • Do not use any nulled script, file, plugins or theme.

These are some of the important things I wanted to share with you. I hope this post will help you in preventing such problems in future. Keep visiting

Best Regards.

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