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Gmail Double Verification Secure Security 4.93 million Hacked

Gmail password protection with high security has become necessary after 4.93 millions email account is hacked by Russian hacker. Gmail is today one of the most popularly used email platform. Hence it is very much important for every users to secure your personal account with Gmail double verification security.

For Secure Gmail account it is highly recommended use Double verification step for unknown IP address or other devices. Basically now a days due to very high demand of online presence in bank, college, school and other official work email has become one of the most private account.

Email Hacked


Specially for online workers they are highly depending upon their email accounts, for them this is the worst news. People like us who are working online have lots of important stuffs in emails, which means you need a high security.

4.93 million gmail account is hacked ( Double verification secure High security):

Out of this 4.93 million Hacked account most of them were using very straight password or simple. After this big incident took place many Gmail users are worried. However, even though this big damage took place many users are still safe due to secure security.

At this modern stage it email account has become more familiar as well as important. Follow some easy ways to protect Gmail account with high security double verification process.

1. Set-up 2-Step verification:

I am using this 2-step verification benefit on my gmail account. It is very useful and helpful which helps in protecting account from hackers. When ever any unknown device is logged in it disallows the device to use the account until the verification code is verified sent in your number.

This completely secures your account because if any other device is unable to login without verification code, you are completely safe from hackers.

Activate 2-Step Verification:

If your 2-step verification is disabled in your account you can easily activate it following the below steps.

To activate your high security in your account login<< Click on Thumbnail of your right side top bar<<account<<security << Edit 2-step verification password Turn ‘on'<< Add phone number<< verify Pin<< click on “Trust this device”.

You Are done!!!…

2. Choose Password:

Today most of us are choosing so easy passwords which we can notice that we are not giving importance to it. Funny thing about it is, we keep the password with those kind of names which are not so secure. Another interesting thing happening is we use the straight words like !@#$% or abcd etc.

To secure your password at the highest level it is important to use upper case lower case, Alpha-numeric letters. It is highly recommended to do this specially after you know the fact 4.93 millions account being hacked by an Russian.

3. Usernames:

It is highly recommended to use secure passwords but we mostly forget about user names. While 50% of the security remains with user names. Most of us keep our user name very simple and easy, this is one of the main reason why many accounts are easily hacked.

Your most important user names and password should be in such a way that hackers find it difficult to grab it. It is impossible to hack any account without username.

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Important Notes:

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Thank you , if you have any doubts or queries please ask via comments.

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