Google Adsense approval is biggest headache of new bloggers. Fact!! happiest moment for most of the new bloggers is also when they get Google Adsense approved account. Same thing happened to me, the day I got Google Adsense approved I felt like a rich guy for a moment, But I realized its not yet done.

It is very tough to understand why adsense is rejecting your blog. If you are still unaware of this fact you must read this 5 tips you must do before applying adsense. Once you follow all the given steps and still disapproved, you must continue reading.

Genuine Trick to get Google Adsense approved:

Generally people love to used shortcuts for getting job done fast. To be honest if you try to apply any kind of trick which is against adsense policy you will be ban for lifetime.  I still believe few small changes and smart work can result better in the most genuine way to play safe.

It is not just about getting Google Adsense approved account, but using it for a long term is more important. Firstly I want you to understand importance of being professional. You can easily win your battle once you think in professional way. Many of us apply for adsense even if we know we are not yet ready.

Now, this discourages badly resulting in some frustration and lack of confidence.  If you think seriously about displaying adsense ads on your blog. If your blog is completely not yet ready, why would anybody advertise on your blog. It is not that your blog is low quality, but what this people wants is little more affords from your end. Little more changes can make things go good, you must take it in positive way.

Why would Adsense not like to add publishers?

Adsense hate publishers!! you think this?? No, you are wrong adsense wants more publishers and need more publishers. If they get more publishers, they get more revenue from publishers. To satisfy advertisers and get some high income from advertisers they follow strict policy.

Generally to get Google Adsense approved we simply need to follow few rules. You have to make them trust you that you are sharing your own thoughts as well as you are going for very long partnership. They will not love to work with someone who partner with them for few days.

So fact is you just need your blog to be little more better than now. You should take this in positive way, to earn good money like professional bloggers you must work like professional bloggers.

I hope you understood the whole concept behind this main reason. I also had very tough time on my early days, I as a blogger could never understood the fact why I was banned. After deep study and many rejection I understood the fact and did it accordingly.

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Important tips and trick to get approved fast:

It is always easy to Get Google Adsense approved account with niche blogs or micro niche. Instead of writing on different things, write mostly on one category, this helps to gain more trust easily.

Another important thing is pages like Disclaimer, about us, contact us etc, you must add it in professional way. If you have some organic traffic in your blog up to 20-30 per day it is very good.

Also make sure that you don’t write short articles, you must write atleast 500 words per article. I have found many times, they disapprove due to the length of the article.

Category added on your blog should not be empty, it must contain 4-5 article on every article while applying.

You must not :  make any common mistakes which are silly but kills your blog.

Another important thing is your theme design, it should look cool and simple. Navigation should be easy and must navigate to home page atleast on the third click.

If you have any doubts or queries ask via comments.

Thank you for reading.

Best Regards.