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Get Free High PR Dofollow Backlinks PR9,PR8,PR7 site

Today you are going to learn one more interesting thing about how to get high PR free dofollow backlinks from high PR blog. I also shared few important and easy steps to get PR9 backlinks to your blog for free. High PR backlinks help blog to boost their traffic as well as reputation. Good, high-quality PR Dofollow backlinks can help you to get PR of your blog at less time.

I was not much serious about getting high PR Dofollow backlinks for my blog. But this is the most important thing you should concentrate. You will find a big difference between blog having good no. Post and other with good no. PR backlinks. High PR do follow backlinks are something Google or other search engine loves. You also get higher ranked in search engines; it boost your traffic too.

High Authority PR Backlinks

After many days, I am freshly updating the list because by now many sites have turned the Dofollow to Nofollow link. However, this newly updated list would make your day.Cheers!!!

Get High PR Free Dofollow Backlinks From PR9, PR8, PR7 site:

Get Free, high-quality Dofollow backlinks from high PR sites, to boost your blog’s PR. If you read Chrometechny, you must had got PR9 backlinks to your blog. In case, you missed out that you can try How I got five high-quality free DoFollow PR9 backlinks with just six days old Domain?

Also, try Killer trick to get the Free, high-quality Dofollow backlink from Facebook PR9.

Now, after you do that, you have already got handy High PR Dofollow backlinks free.Today you’ll get some more valuable High PR backlinks for your blog.




Pinterest is the package from where you can get bundles of traffic to your blog. I recommend you to go to Google and sign up for Pinterest to get high traffic. The post you share on Pinterest are Nofollow, but I am going to tell you one little trick to get the dofollow link from this site.

  • Go to Settings>> Add website>> Verify.
  • You got another PR9 backlink for your blog.


This morning as soon as I woke up I was trying to get free Dofollow backlink from It took a little time for me as I could not find options to add my website. But later I found it, got my PR8 backlinks from It is very simple to do that, go to

  • Click<< Sign in<<Add account<< add your information<< add website.
  • You got Another High PR8 backlink to your blog. (Note: recently changed to nofollow but it’s useful for Yahoo, Bing, etc.)


3. Reddit:

It is one of the open sharing site, where you can easily share your post and get the PR8 backlink to your every post. It will benefit you to push your post up in the search rankings. You just have to share your post, try to share your Reddit link to your friends too.

It is like an open source of high PR backlink; you got another high PR backlink to your blog.


It is another awesome site to get free do follow backlink. Firstly sign up for>> go to edit profile.

Now, when you scroll down, you’ll find insert a link along with the keyword. Just add your link and keyword and save it.

Done!! Another high PR 8 backlink is pointing your blog.(Note: recently changed to nofollow but it’s useful for Yahoo, Bing etc.)



Sign up for and put your link in your profile. Now use the forum for getting some useful backlinks to your blog. This is how you can get one more valuable free do follow backlink to your blog. This is how you can get one more High PR7 backlink to your blog.

I shared few more tips to get high PR do follow backlinks for free.

Note: As time has changed many of the sites are wisely turning their links to nofollow. Hence, I am getting lots of complaints about it. I decided to re-update and put some more useful ways to build backlinks.

Newly Fresh update:

Forums are also the very helpful place to get some handy Dofollow backlinks for your blog (Genuine way).

1. (PR9)

2. ( PR 8)

3. ( PR 8)

4. ( PR 7)



Latest Update:

You might have heard that. EDU &.GOV sites are giving backlinks, and those are extremely profitable.


Click on Above link and register new account giving your exact details. Now, using HTML coding in your About section add one dofollow backlink wisely.

After you follow above-given steps, save your profile and leave. Your backlinks will get indexed in 3-4 days.


This is one of the easiest and finest PR6 backlinks for free, which is so easy to get. You just have to go the official website and add your URL and shorten it, once you do it you don’t have to do anything more.

Updated on 29th Dec 2014:

  • Delicious: Sign up For Delicious Than add you’re about me details { Short bio}. After that add your website URL { Dofollow from PR 8}.  Now you can bookmark your every post link with +1 Dofollow backlink to all your personal post as well.

Updated 1st March 2015:

  • IndiBlogger: Indiblogger is one of the best forum for Indian bloggers, the best place to interact with each other. Mean while it allows you to share your links on Indi Blogger with your community that is dofollow backlink for free. Grab it now!!

Must Read: Killer trick find.Edu &.Gov backlinks free hot list.

Also read: Protect your blog from this five common blogging mistake.

Please let me know how did it help you?

Or it was not so useful?

Or you feel I missed out any points?

I am very eagerly waiting for your comments.

Thank you very much for reading the post keep visiting. I will give my 200% to help you out. You can contact me in Facebook, Twitter and Google+.



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