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How To Get Comments Without Blog Commenting Service?

It is not an easy task to get blog comments for new sites or no trust worthy company. However, quality sites or good company always gets good feedback from the users, found with good comments below. But if you think in business point of view or profession way, comment matters a lot.

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If your blog have 1000 article and just 500 genuine comments in your blog, it shows that you don’t have active users. If your blog have got some active comments with positive feedback, advertisers would definitely love to advertise on your blog. Many big sites and many big companies hire blog commenting service for getting good comments. But for blogs you don’t need any blog commenting service to get good comments, but a friendly nature.

How to get comments without blog commenting service?

When you find anything on search engine and find no comments on the blog post how would you feel about that. However, When I find a long list of comments after post, I love reading comments more than a post sometimes. It also makes me feel that I am reading post in the crowd where others are speaking to each other.

Comments which turns to a conversation puts up extra flavor to any products, post or company. Keeping this in mind, in most of the condition comments are too helpful in gaining trust as well as making out some healthy sales of products.

But when we speak about blogs, I must say buying comments would be a waste. It is because you can get free high quality comments without any blog commenting services.

Which Kind of blogs get more comments?

In past one year I noticed few important things which really helps in increasing blog comments. I know two kinds of blog that you and others are dealing with.

Third party:  I have seen maximum blogs never use a word like ‘ you’ ‘I’ etc. Maximum blogs use the word referring directly to others, instead of using this kind of friendly words. However, this kind of words are very useful and helps to get good numbers of comment.

Blog is more about communicating with your readers and consulting with them. You must write your article like you are speaking with your friends. This would make your reader feel friendly and resulting in some handy comments on your blog for free all the time.

Second Party: There are very less bloggers who use the words like ‘you’ and ‘I’ . This two words are so important keywords for getting bucks of friendly genuine comments, because this two words extremely help you to connect with users.

After some experience I also realized that only this is not good for blog commenting. But it have helped me very much in connecting with my readers as well as explain things to my readers easily. When I write any article for my blog, I feel myself like I am speaking with you directly while writing.

Another beneficial thing by following this method for me was, I could easily make affiliate sales as I could go more deeply and friendly. This also helped me to express myself clearly and write high quality articles easily.

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Thank you so much for  reading this article.

If you have any questions or doubts please clear your doubts via comments.

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