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Best Gaming Tablets Under 10000 That You Can Buy (Updated List)

best tablets under 1000 that you can buy

Playing games is the best thing to do when you are bored sitting at home or anywhere else. In the modern era, you would find lots of latest technology through which you can not only play games but also watch movies, videos and much more. As you know, these day kids are so much into playing games like video games, Xbox and etc. In fact, not only kids even adults are addicted to playing games on their mobile phones; this is the reason why now the technology has grown that you can even play games on Tablets too. Yes, that’s right, you can now play games even on Tablets with the wide screen and high picture quality makes it more fun in Tablets. Let’s talk about the best gaming tablets under 10000.

best tablets under 1000 that you can buy

However, you must be wondering which are the best gaming tablets right? There are tons of tablets and are very expensive to purchase it, but if you are looking for the best gaming tablets under 10000 that will help you to get all your important things get done easily and play games as well. Here is the list of the best gaming tablets of 2017 under 10000. After doing research, we have picked out the most reputed tablet manufacturers here which is cheap yet the best one. Let’s begin with the list of Gaming Tablets now.

Best Gaming Tablets under 10000:

1. Lenovo Tab 3 Essential:

Here we have the cheapest but extraordinary tablet, Lenovo Tab 3 Essential comes with an incredible price. It offers you 1.3GHz quad core processor display along with the storage facility up to 1GB RAM including with 8GB internal and 64GB external memory. Apart from that, the tablet has inbuilt GPS System and Wi-Fi connection. Therefore, with the tablet, you can have so much fun and it makes you convenient to take it anywhere you go.

top best Gaming Tablets Under 10000

So, if you talk about the battery life then the 3450mAH lithium-ion battery will last for long and that way you can play games or watch videos as much as you want all day without recharging. With the 1 year warranty, this tablet is the ideal one for kids to play games at a low rate but yet pretty long lasting.

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2. Asus Z370CG Tablet:

Asus Z370CG Tablet is one among the best gaming tablets under 10000. This cool gaming tablet comes with an Android Lollipop version 5 OS that ha a 7-inch display, with an incredible price. Even though it has very few features but it comes with good camera quality and battery life, which last for about 8 hours. Since we are looking for the best gaming tablets then this product offers you with decent performance.

Price of Gaming Tablets

If we check out the storage facilities then it offers 16GB ROM with 2GB RAM. So, we can say that this is also an ideal gaming tablet for kids to play not only you can play games with this but also can shoot video or camera with good quality.

3. IBall Slide Snap 4G2:

iBall Slide Snap 4G2 is yet another gaming tablets under 10000. It supports dual SIM and also runs on a 1.2GHz quad-core processor. When it comes to the storage facility then it offers you 2GB RAM along 3500 mAh battery life that will last for long.

Affordable Gaming Tablets

The tab display comes in 7.0 inch along with the connectivity like GPS, Bluetooth and much more. Apart from that, with the display like this, you can comfortably play games anywhere you are and you can carry it easily wherever you go.

4. iBall Slide Nimble 4GF:

iBall Slide Nimble 4GF has been designed in such a way that you can experience multimedia in a better way. You can stream movies, make video calls, listen to music and play games too. The bold looking tab offers you the convenient facilities like 3GB RAM, display with 8 inches wider and quad core processor.

Gaming Tablets Under budgetThe battery life of the tab is 4300mAh that helps you to keep going on long last and even play games as much as you want. This is the ideal tab to play games and enjoy all the benefits provided by this tab with an affordable price.

5. Micromax Canvas Tab P702:

This is another gaming tablet under 10000 that is said to be among the best. Micromax Canvas Tab P702 supports dual SIM with an incredibly fast internet speed. The tab runs on a 1.3GHz quad–core processor and storage for 2GB RAM and 16GB internal memory. When it comes to the battery life then this product will never disappoint you.

top Gaming Tablets Under 10000

It last long where you fully enjoy watching videos, listening to music or browse or even play games as much as you want. The tab has a 1280 x 720 pixels resolution with a 7-inch display through which you can comfortably play games without stressing your eye; due to the wide screen, it is quite smooth to play games on this tab.

6. iBall Slide Gorgeo 4GL:

iBall Slide Gorgeo 4GL support Cortex A53 64 Bit, 1.0GHz quad core processor and it is the India’s first tablet that comes with front flash along with 2 USB cable port in it. The tab supports dual SIM; the storage facility of this tab offers 1GB RAM along with 8GB flash memory. With this 3500mAh battery life, you can do chatting, call, or watch videos or even can play games.

Gaming Tablets with 2GB ram

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7. iBall Bio-mate:

This is the best selling gaming tablets under 10000 in the market that offers you 1.3GHz quad core processor. Its built-in storage, which is up to 1GB RAM and 8GB through which you can store anything on the device. When it comes to the life of the battery is up to 4300mAh Li-Polymer with an Android Lollipop operating system.

Gaming Tablets Under 10000 for sale

It has so many features like supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB storage media and much more. We can say that it is the ideal tab for the kids to play any games with the wide multi-touch display up to 8 inches.

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In the above content, we have shared with you about the best gaming tablets under 10000. All these are the best sellers in the market so far, with an affordable price. These tablets offer you the best features through which you can not only play games but also can use it for calling, listening to music or watching videos. So, grab the chance of purchasing the cheapest tablets and enjoy gaming like never before. However, few tablets might be a bit disappointing according to the performance but still, they will provide you with the performance that you desire in accordance with the price range.

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