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Top Friendship Day Images, Wallapapers, Quotes And Messages for True Friends!

Friendship Day Images and quotes

Friendship is a special bond that one being shared with another being. Though a dedicated day has been provided for this special bond but we don’t need a day to celebrate Friendship. Friendship Day can be celebrated anywhere and at any given moment and you can just do that by sending some simple Friendship Day Images.

But since there is a day on for this special bond, most people like to or love to celebrate it on that day.

Friendship Day Images for all

Originally, that day was supposed to be the 2nd of August. But in some countries, it is celebrated on the first Sunday of August. Whereas the official date provided for this day is 30th July.

Let’s not get into those boring details and concentrate on the reason that you are here for.

Friendship Day Images Search:

On the eve of friendship day, everyone is quite busy with finding images and quotes for wishing their friends.

But to come across proper images and quotes is quite hard as there are lots of these available. And for this reason, people make different searches. Some of these being:

Friendship Day Wallpapers.

Friendship Day WhatsApp Images

Friendship Day Images Download.

Friendship Day Images Messages.

Friendship Day HD Images.

Friendship Day Images for Facebook.

But after these searches also people are not able to get their desired images and quotes.

Well, for your convenience some images along with messages/quotes have been provided below.

Friendship Day Quotes and Pictures:

Well, these are some of the images and quotes that you can send to your friend.

# “It takes a lifetime to find a True friend and another half to keep them. I find myself to be quite lucky to find a friend like you in less than half my life. I wish I can spend the rest in keeping you.”

 Friendship Day Images quotes

# “A Good friendship stands the test of time. It remains unbreakable despite the obstacles of life. My friend, I am so glad to have you.”

 Friendship Day Images messages

# “Friendship means free from all formalities. Happy Friendship Day.”

happy Friendship Day Images

# “Friendship is like a river that flows forever. At times it may change its path but will never dry up.”

 Friendship Day Images status

# “A hug is worth a thousand words. A friend is worth more.”

 Friendship Day Images wishes

# “To be depressed is to be lonely, to have a friend is to be happy.”

happy Friendship Day Images for friends

# “Friend is a person who will be there for you when he’d rather be somewhere else.”

 Friendship Day Images messages for buddies

# “Everyone is a friend unless they prove otherwise.”

Friendship Day Images messages for whatsapp

# “A friend is a person who still believes in you when even you don’t believe in yourself.”

 Friendship Day Images quotes for hike

# “Friends are the most important ingredient in this recipe of life.”

 Friendship Day Images texts

# “A friend is a person who knows all about you and your defects and despite all those still likes you.”

 Friendship Day Images wallpapers

# “Real friend is someone who walks in when the world walks out on you.”

 Friendship Day Images messages for Messenger

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Friendship Day Messages:

Though the trend of sending text messages may be over but some people still love to send text messages instead of sending Friendship Images. Well, you can send these messages via WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook Messenger, Hike, Hangouts, etc. Some of these text messages are provided below. Do check them out.inst


#1. Friendship is not about saying “Sorry.

It is not about saying “Thanks.

It is not even about saying “Please.

It is about how support, Understanding, and Holding on.

Happy Friendship Day!!


#2. A heart can live without another heart,

But a heart cannot live without its heartbeat,

and that heartbeat is friendship.

Happy Friendship Day!!


#3. Our friendship is like an ocean.

It can’t be measured by its vastness.

It can only be measured by its Deepness.

Wish you a very Happy Friendship Day!!


#4. A person is not rich when he has Gold.

A person is not rich when he has Money.

A person is not rich even when he has Diamonds.

A person is only rich when he has a friend like you.

Happy Friendship Day!!


#5. There was a time when I was down,

There was a time everyone walked away,

Even there was a time when I lost myself,

But you were always there to support me.

Thanks for being there.

Happy Friendship Day!!

Well, these are some Friendship Day Images, Quotes and Text Messages that you can send to your friend. So feel the essence of friendship with these Friendship Images, Quotes, and Messages. Apart from the things that have been mentioned here, there are loads of others available.

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Thank you.

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