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Top 5 Free Video Download Site You Should Know for PC/Mac

Watching Movies and Short Funny Video clips is a trending activity for everyone. Well, besides YouTube do you know other Free Video Download Site from which you can download unlimited videos for free.

You may find many websites for downloading video, but all of them do not allow you to download for free. So here in this article, you will know about the top Free Video Download site. You will not only download the video for free but you can also choose from its different video quality like HD,mp4, Mp3 etc.

free video download sites

Below you will see the list of top 5 free video download site. And they give you absolutely free to download.

Top 5 Free Video Download Site for PC/Mac

Before downloading any video from any of the listed video sites, you should have additional software installed on your PC. And the Software is KeepVid, they are free to download and will allow you to get HD video download in phone.

Download KeepVid in Your PC

You can easily download the KeepVid in your PC, follow the below-shown step to download install the software.

  • Download KeepVid in Your PC- Click Here
  • Now it will automatically download on your PC.
  • Next, you will have to run the software on your PC.
  • Now you are free to download any videos from the below-listed website.

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1. YouTube

youtube is the no.1 online video website in the world. You can get unlimited videos or movies you want to watch but they don't allow you to download the videos from this sites. Youtube have huge collections of songs and videos but since you cannot download the videos directly, you will require third party medium to do your job.

free video download sites

And is a helping tool for you to download any video from YouTube channel. So if you miss out your favorite TV series, just download the video from the Youtube and enjoy again & again.

How to download youtube video

To download video from youtube first you must download KeepVid which will help you to download video from youtube website.

  • After the KeepVid is installed in your PC, now go to
  • Open YouTube and select your favorite video which you love to watch or download.
  • Next just you need to do is open KeepVid and you just copy the video link from the YouTube and paste it on the search button of KeepVid software.
  • After entering the link on the KeepVid search button, it will automatically search the video and start downloading it.
  • Finally, the video will be downloaded and now you can enjoy watch or play the video anywhere anyplace you want.
  • With the help of both KeepVid and YouTube, you will get a wonderful platform to watch and download video from the sites or video you love.

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2. Dailymotion

After YouTube the 2nd comes in our list is DailyMotion, many of us won't be aware of this website but this site also gives you a huge collection of popular and trending video. And you can also watch free video online just like that of YouTube.

free video download sites

Well, they also resemble that of YouTube; you cannot download any video without using KeepVid. So download the KeepVid first on your PC, or if Installed then skip the download and proceed to download the videos.

Steps to download Video from DailyMotion

  • Go to the official site of Dailymotion and start watching video live.
  • Now for downloading you need to open KeepVid.
  • Now from the Dailymotion website and choose any video you like and copy the link and paste it on the keepVid search button.
  • Once you hit the search, it will automatically start downloading.
  • So now enjoy the video on your PC.

3. MTV Music

MTV music is one of the websites where we can watch the latest videos and download it. Besides, you will also get all the latest and trending news of Music industries for both Hollywood and Bollywood. This news is sometimes not uploaded in the YouTube or other popular sites. So to get the Authentic latest news and its video, check on MTV. This website is growing day by day in terms of popularity and also its huge collection of videos of many bands and solo music.

free video download sites

How to download video from

  • First, you need to install keep vid music.
  • Next, open MTV Music and choose the video you love to download.
  • Copy the link of the video you have selected.
  • Now paste the link on the search button of the KeepVid.
  • And after that, the video you have selected will be automatically downloaded.
  • Now enjoy watching your downloaded video on your personal laptop.

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This website allows you to watch live videos and films and also to download the videos you love to download. They content the HD quality videos and also the latest trending video which you won't get it on YouTube. While here on this website too, you have to download the KeepVid that will help you download the video for free.

free video download sites

How to download video from

  • Download keepVid,
  • Now open and start choosing the video you want to download.
  • After choosing the video, copy the link of the video and paste it on the KeepVid search button.
  • Now click on the go button.
  • Now the video will be automatically downloaded.
  • Now enjoy watching the video you love.

5. NetFlix

This is one of the premium online streaming video site, which comes at a very affordable price. They contents all the latest videos and newly released movies. If you have to watch a movie in a theater, you will much lots of money for a single movie. While using the Netflix will allow you to watch unlimited movies with a single registration to a premium plan.

free video download sites

How to download Video from NetFlix

  • Open the NetFlix on your PC,
  • Now select your Favorite movie or videos,
  • Next, download the video on your PC.

Note- If you are Registering for the first time, you will get Free Trial for one month.


So, here in this article, you came to know some of the top video downloaded sites. And now you can visit this sites for more latest videos. All the site’s mention above is good to download the latest and trending videos while you can at least watch online even in the low internet. So hope you have watched and downloaded the video by reading our tutorials above, for more interesting facts and tricks, keep visiting our site.

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