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Top 5 Song Download App | Free Music Download for Android/iOS

free song download app iOS and Android

A lot of good option for streaming music on our Android and iOS device. For the music lovers, offline music and online streaming apps are really important. No matter how good is featured full is online streaming sites and apps. Still, offline music is best option to enjoy music uninterrupted all time you want. Hence, I have brought a list of song download app for Android and iOS device.

You can download music for free from many free songs downloading websites. But one thing I have about free music site is that it does have many annoying things. That’s why I try to avoid those free song downloading websites. I tried many apps that helped me a lot to download free mp3 on the songs download app for android and ios

It is a better way to download your free mp3 and every latest or favorite mp3. Without depending on a browser and facing those annoying ads and others frustrating things, songs download app is way easier. Let me bring up top 5 free music download app for Android and iOS.

Top 5  Free Song Download App | Free Music Download for Android/iOS

I have tried many mp3 downloading apps on my both Android and iOS device. Believe me, most of them are trash if you go for a free app for music download. Not to worry about that as there would a list of free mp3 download app. This list is from my vast research and chosen after using a lot of music downloader.

Mp3 Music Download:

For your Android device, you can download this music downloader app. It is free to download from Google Play store, which is good as most of the free downloading apps are not available on the store. Downloading every music from this app is free. Though ads in this app can bother you while downloading music from this app, but from free app downloader it is acceptable. Also, note that ads are not huge than other apps.mp3 music download

What I like about Mp3 Music Download:

  • The app is free to download and available on Google Play store.
  • Come with a search bar to get your favorite songs on the go.
  • Downloaded mp3 can be transferred to any device.
  • Fewer ads.


Well, this name doesn’t need any introduction. This app has one of the biggest music libraries, and this is why music lovers love to have this app. Spotify is a multi-OS app that can be download for free both on iOS and Android device. iPhone users would definitely love it using, as this app allow the free mp3 download. Download this app for free from your respective store and start downloading mp3 from the endless mp3 music download song with spotify

What I like about Spotify:

  • Huge collection of music won’t let you miss your favorite and latest music.
  • List of top mp3 let you downloading trending mp3.
  • The interface is really awesome.
  • No ad is in this app, enjoy downloading free music without interruption.
  • For the streaming song, this app is widely popular too.

Songily – Song Download App:

Songily is a recommended app for Android users. I like its interface, which is so nice. If you want to download for free then it as a recommended app for you. Songily is free to download from Google Play store. Despite a decent looking interface, you will find a lot of handy features in that you will love for sure.songily for free music download

What I like about Songily – Song Download App:

  • Free to download the app and it is available on Google Play.
  • Easy search option to download any music instantly.
  • Quality download option for your MP3.
  • Comparatively fewer ads than other free mp3 downloading apps.
  • Decent looking interface.

Google Play Music:

Now don’t be shocked that I am listing out this app in the list of Song download app. Yes, you can download mp3 with this app too. If you have used this app then you might know how cool is Google Play Music. The app is free to download on both iOS and Android Play music for free song download

What I like about Google Play Music:

  • Very nice looking interface with simple using experience.
  • Let you download the free song on both Android and iOS.
  • You get trending and top music chart.
  • A powerful search option letting you finding your favorite music on the go.
  • Your native mp3 also playable with this app.
  • You can stream music for free.

Advanced Download Manager:

Enjoy downloading free mp3 in a faster way with Advanced Download Manager. This is not just a music downloading app but also allows downloading all the big files with lesser time. It is free to download from both Google Play and Apple App Store. So download it now and enjoy downloading free songs is a faster song downloader adm

What I like about Advanced Download Manager:

  • Multiple downloads supported with multithreading feature to boost your download.
  • Resume capable.
  • Free to download the app on both Android and iOS.
  • Support downloading a large file with maximum 2GB files.
  • Lesser annoying ads.

Music streaming is quite popular nowadays but it doesn’t allow us listening to music we don’t have a data connection or Wi-Fi connection. Hence, still downloading free mp3 or song is popular, as we can listen to music uninterruptedly with our native music players. Get any song download app from the top 5 song download apps for your Android or iOS device. Hope, this would be helpful to you to download free songs on the go.

Let me know if you have any better collection for free song download app in your mind. And also comment in the comment box for any queries.

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