When it’s about finding Free Music Download Apps for Android, there is only a few of them I can rely on.

Whenever people hear the word free music downloading app, a type of frenzy seems to take over them.

In fact, I am one of those crazy music lovers who loves downloading free music.

It’s quite true that there are loads of free music download Apps for Android. But are all those apps reliable?

The answer is “NO.” All those apps are not reliable and sometimes these even damage your device.

Some best Free Music Download Apps

I have been a victim of such kinds of apps. I had to format my device several times to get it right. But after that, I came across some apps that are quite reliable and let you download music quite easily.

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I bet you too are in need such kinds of free music download apps for Android. Well, your wait is over then as I will be providing you with some of the best free music downloading apps.

Top 10 Free Music Download Apps for Android

Every day there are millions of people who download mp3 music in bulks. So, it’s quite safe to say that free music downloads for android are not something new.

In fact, there is no need for me to walk you through the process of downloading free music.

Well then let’s get started.

#1. 4Shared Music:

Without a doubt, this is the best free music download apps for android. I have been using this app for some time now and trust me this will not upset you. Apart from that it also provides you with 15 GB free storage where you can save your favorite tracks.

10 Best Free Music Download Apps

Alas! This app is not available on Google Play Store anymore. But don’t worry you can download the Apk of this from open source website or the official website. Let me walk you through some of the major features of this app.

Features of 4Shared Music:

  • You can play any music track on the Go with the help of this app.
  • Adding your favorite tracks to your desired playlist is quite possible.
  • Manage your playlist the way you see fit.
  • This app also provides you with a 15 GB storage space. You can save your favorite tracks there and play them even without an Internet connection.

#2. Google Play Music:

This is the official music app designed by Google. This app is available for all android devices on Google Play Store. It may not be on the level of the above-mentioned app but it is quite good too.

Free Music Download Apps

There’s no need for me to talk about the trust factor of this app. There is loads of free music available on this app. Well, now let’s talk about the features of this app.

Features of Google Play Music:

  • Google Play offers you a storage capacity of files.
  • You can download any track on the app and listen to it later.
  • Suppose that you have purchased a song from Google Play, this downloaded song will not be included in the 50,000 songs.
  • You can even upload your music to Google Play Music but the limit is up to 300 Mb.
  • Moreover, you can even download MP3 copies of files from the web. But the limit is 2 downloads per track.

#3. Gtunes Music Downloader:

To be honest I never knew about this app. I just came across this app a few days back and I was quite excited to find what I discovered. With a size of around 1 MB, this is probably the tiniest free music downloading apps that you will come across.

Music Download Apps

Sadly, this app is not available on Google Play Store. You will be quite happy to know that this app doesn’t have any subscription plans. Another thing is that it is ad-free. Apart from these, there are several other features of this app.

Features of Gtunes Music Downloader:

  • All tracks available on this app are original copies.
  • The app has a home screen widget that enables you to access the app quite easily.
  • You can even check the preview of the song before downloading.
  • The user interface is quite simple and can be used easily.
  • Searching music by album name and artist name is quite possible with this app.

#4. Music Maniac Pro:

Music Maniac Pro is a simple app that has efficient action. What I loved about this app is the user-interface. The simple user-interface lets you search for your favorite music quite efficiently and download them for free.

10 Music Download Apps

This app is not available on Google Play Store but you can easily download it from any open source website. The size of the app is quite small and doesn’t need much RAM of the device.

Features of Music Maniac Pro:

  • The music library of this app is quite huge.
  • It’s quite easy to search for your favorite music tracks.
  • This app allows you to audit the music tracks before downloading them.
  • Downloads made through this app are quite fast even while downloading multiple files.

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#5. Music Download Paradise:

This app is actually one of the fascinating free music download apps for Android devices. You can also call this a “Sound Search Engine”. Though this app contains some minor ads but those can be easily turned off.

Free Music Download Apps fro android

Again, it is not available on Google Play Store but can be downloaded from other open source websites. Apart from downloading mp3 songs it also allows you to download ringtones, sound effects, etc.

Features of Music Download Paradise:

  • The interface of this app is quite easy to use.
  • Quite easy to search for music on this app.
  • One of the best features of this app is that you can share music quite easily.
  • The music tracks available on this app are copy free.

#6. Free Mp3 Downloads:

The layout of the app is quite attractive and quite easy to download songs. This app can be used as a music player. You don’t even need to worry about the download location. The files are downloaded to your SD card to a folder named “music-free Mp3 Downloads.”

Best Free Music Download Apps

You will be quite happy to know that it is available on Google Play Store. Well, then let’s check put some of the features of this free music downloader apps.

Features of Free Mp3 Downloads:

  • The “Listen” tab of this app allows you to listen to the songs that you have downloaded.
  • You can even search for files by the name of the artist or the album.
  • Songs that are licensed are labeled “Free to Use.” This helps you in downloading music without worrying about copyright issues.

#7. SoundCloud:

I don’t know about others but I have fallen in love with this app. New songs are available quite early. You can easily make a playlist of your favorite songs. Apart from that you can follow your favorite artist here and keep track of the songs the upload.

SoundCloud Free Music Download App

SoundCloud is available on Google Play Store. Downloading is quite possible but it’s only available for some limited songs.

Features of SoundCloud:

  • Browsing for your favorite music tracks here is quite easy.
  • Apart from downloading music, you can even upload music.
  • This app can also be used as a Music Player.

#8. SuperCloud Song Mp3 Downloader:

For using this app the minimum requirement is Android 2.2. Well, who uses that now? No one!  Everyone is having upgraded smartphones. So, you can use this app without facing any issues.

Supercloud music app

Though it is not available on Google Play Store but is quite trustworthy. You can download the .apk file of this from any website according to your preference.

Features of SuperCloud Song Mp3 Downloader:

  • Searching for music by the name of the artist or album is quite easy.
  • You can even listen to the song while the download is in progress.
  • The downloaded songs are automatically added to your Media Library.

#9. Mp3 Music Downloader:

This app is quite a powerful app that allows you to download free music with ease. Music of all genre and format is available in this app.

Download Apps

You can get this from Google Play Store. I have used this free music download apps before I stumbled upon 4Shared Music app.

Features of Mp3 Music Downloader:

  • Music tracks available on this app are of High-Quality.
  • Listening to live music is quite possible with the help of this app.
  • Apart from searching by Song name you can also search by Artist name and Album name.
  • You can even adjust the buffering speed according to your internet connection.

#10. Simple Mp3 Downloader:

The best thing about this app is the user-interface. It is so smooth that you can browse for your favorite music quite easily.

Best Music Download Apps

It is available on Google Play Store. The app also has an Auto-completion search feature, which makes it quite unique.

Features of Simple Mp3 Downloader:

  • There are tons of songs available in the library from where you can download free music.
  • Music can be searched by the name of the artist and album besides searching by song name.
  • The size of the app is quite low and doesn’t consume much RAM.

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Apart from these apps, there are lots of other free music download apps for Android that you can use. I would recommend you to go for 4Shared Music as this is the best app in my book. Choose one of these apps and I am quite sure you won’t regret this decision.

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