How I got 5 free Dofollow PR9 backlinks with just 6 days old Domain?
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How I got 5 free DoFollow PR9 backlinks with just 6 days old Domain?

Hi, I am Paul Billygraham, I am a blogger, and I would love to share my experiences with you. Today I have something very interesting that will help boost your Website rank, traffic, and Page-rank.

You might have come across many tips and tricks from all around the Web, but what I will share today is something new and will actually help you take your blog to the next level. Well we all know that to get ranked higher in search engines, you need Dofollow backlinks from high PR websites. You will see too many tricks to get higher PR, but today I am going to tell you tricks to get dofollow PR9 backlinks.

This is the only thing I am concentrating on now a days, and I realized that it is important to get backlinks from High PR sites specially dofollowPR9 backlinks. This will actually boost your traffic and the overall reputation of your blog.

What are Dofollow PR9 backlinks ?

Dofollow PR9 backlinks are the most valued and respected backlinks. PR9 means Google has already ranked that website 9/10 which is extremely high. So When you get DoFollow backlink from such reputed sites, this helps a lot in improving your Blog off-page SEO and ultimately to rank higher in search engines.

High PR dofollow backlinks like PR9 backlinks is what you all need, to improve your ranking and traffic. Search engines love a site getting dofollow backlinks from high page-rank. There are many sites having good contents, and social sharing but just because they lack high quality Backlinks they are kept aside.

If you are facing the same problem, you should consider following the tricks given below and come out of your problem. It is not possible to get DoFollow backlinks from PR9 blogs, because the highest backlinks that you might find in normal blog may reach up to PR6.

How I got 5 free Dofollow PR9 backlinks?

These are the PR9 websites from where I got my first Dofollow link. After you follow all these you will see 100% change in your ranking for sure.





This is the first PR9 backlink I got. You just have to click register to create an account. After activating your account, give all your details. Now go to forum and Click your WordPress and paste your dofollow code with one question. Like how can I design my blog in a best way etc.

Now go to forum and Click your WordPress and paste your dofollow code with a question for example, “How can I design my blog in a best way?” etc.

You have your first free PR9 dofollow backlink already.

2. Google plus:

Are you kidding me? I have already one. Yeah! You can actually get a PR9 DoFollow Backlink from Google Plus. If you have already got one that’s great. If not yet get it instantly.

Go to your Google plus click profile<< about<<Link, add your blog URL.

You have now got another High PR backlink to your blog.

3. YouTube:

YouTube provides NoFollow Backlinks, really?

I mean let’s change the term in a different way. You have to work a little hard to get DoFollow backlinks from YouTube. Make sure you link your blog with an active YouTube account showing ads in it.

Otherwise, your blog will be getting Nofollow backlinks. Now, go to your channel setting< area of your theme.

After confirmation, it will look like the given image below.



You can also get DoFollow Backlinks from Go to Now register your account and set-up your account using your link. Now make some useful post in the forum, Do not spam.


To get Dofollow PR9 backlinks from adobe you just have to go to and click Register. After you activate your account, configure your account and leave your link. Now go to the forum and make some useful post.

Why are you searching for low PR backlinks? Go for high PR backlinks as with that your blog will boost up very soon.

If you find any trouble feel free to ask me. I will be replying to your questions via comments, mail, Facebook chat or Tweeter. To get more useful updates,


Please let me know how it helped you or whether it was helpless and do feel free to add if you feel I missed out any points.

I am very excited to respond to your comments and enquiries.

Thank you very much for reading the post, keep visiting. Contact me on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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Hello Friends, I am Paul billygraham Reang CEO and Founder of ChromeTechny Networks Pvt. Ltd. company. I started blogging since 7th June, 2013 and took blogging as my full time career.
Apart from blogging I love visiting new places, listening musics, reading motivational books and talking to those peoples who wants to do something big in their life.


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