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Former World heavyweight champion to miss Wrestlemania 34


WWE superstars don’t get an off time like other sports athletes as they don’t have any kind of offseasons.

They keep on performing 365 days, as not only they perform on weekly TV shows but after performing on weekly shows like RAW and SmackDown, they also perform on live tours which usually take place in other countries.

Hence, superstars sometimes need to take some time off from their tight work schedule.

Recently a news came in that a former WWE champion might be taking time off and will also be missing Wrestlemania 34.

And that superstar is no other than the Viper Randy Orton.


After winning the WWE Championship belt at last year’s Wrestlemania, the Viper dropped the title to Jinder Mahal at the mid of 2017.

Since then, Randy Orton wasn’t given a shot at the WWE World Championship.

WWE made him kind of look weak as he lost the rematch against Jinder Mahal, then getting defeated at the hands of newbies like Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, and Shinsuke Nakamura.

Even in the traditional Survivor Series match, Randy Orton looked weak and was eliminated in quick fashion.

Apparently, WWE has no plans for giving Randy Orton a shot at the big gold.

The Viper has been performing constantly on SmackDown Live, and so far, he only missed one or two episodes of SmackDown Live.

According to PWInsider’s report, Randy Orton will be working on SmackDown Live and will be participating in the Royal Rumble match.


But after the PPV gets over, he will be taking time off and won’t be working on the dates of February and March, which also clears the air that the former Royal Rumble winner won’t be added in the Wrestlemania match card.

Randy Orton’s absence from SmackDown will certainly affect the show’s rating.

SmackDown had a rough year with live attendance being low as 3000, the show has struggled to get good viewership.

Despite being a 2-hour show, SmackDown’s has hardly been able to match up RAW’s viewership.

The now official ‘B’ show also lacks a star-studded roster, with Randy Orton missing in the upcoming month’s episode, this will definitely hamper the show’s rating.


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