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Top 10 FM Radio Apps for Android

FM Radio Apps for Android

FM Radio Apps for Android – Most of the Android Smartphone comes with in-built FM Radio feature. This FM radio catches the stations available in your location. A limited music station is available with the inbuilt FM radio of your Smartphone. If you want to explore what’s beyond, you will need to rely on something else. The FM Radio Apps.

FM radio apps for android

FM radio Apps are designed to provide you all the music contents being streamed around the globe. Using some of the best FM radio Apps for Android, you can easily track down the music played in various hot radio stations. Tempted enough?

Tempted enough?

Time to check out the top 10 FM radio Apps for Android devices!

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Top 10 FM Radio Apps for Android Devices

FM Radio application provides you an amazing experience and taste of music with a variety music genres from all over the world.

Some of the top 10 FM Radio Apps for Android device are mentioned below:

1) Tunein Radio

TuneIn Radio is one of the best applications in the Android market. It offers you radio live stations of more than 100,000 with 2 millions of podcasts from each chosen continent. Using the TuneIn Radio application, you can now browse the channels of radio stations with the music, language, news, and sports.


The application provides you search bar. With the help of it, you can search a particular station from around the world. Tunein Radio is divided into two versions. One is the free version, and the other is PRO version. The unique feature of the PRO version is it will let you record the songs from the radio application.

2) Internet Radio

Internet Radio is an application which is developed for listening to music using the internet access. It has a unique feature which enables you to listen to hundreds of radio station by streaming live. Internet Radio has the capability of consisting both web host and FM stations Radio.


It also has a pro version with some extra features in the application such as live radio record and sleep timer. Here you can listen to different kinds of music genre such as rock, pop, electro, metal, country, and dance, etc. every day and that is also 24 X 7.

3) Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio is perhaps one of the amazing radio applications in the market. It offers you to create at least 100 modified stations of radio which mainly deal with one of your favorite band artist or music. Now you can start making your own music station on Pandora Internet Radio. In the meantime, the application will figure out the programming of any of your favorite stations.


It is one of the easiest ways to find out any new artist or genres of music. Anyway, the free version comes with Ad problems in case if you to complete ignore the ads in the application then you should go for the Pandora which comes with some price.

4) iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio is one of the applications which is absolutely free of cost and is available for download in the market. Using the application, you are free to browse music radio stations, and that is also live streaming one. Find any of your favorite songs and set it on your playlist.


It has some of the mixed season wise station especially for holidays such as Christmas. iHeart Radio is completely free of cost and also supported with the in-streaming ads, and that is very cool.

5) XiiaLive Internet Radio

It is very similar with that of TunelRadio as it offers you a large number of radio channels with almost 50,000 live stations of your own choice. The channels of the applications are divided into so many categories such as the Dance, Rock, Country and Hip Hop.


XiiaLive Internet Radio application is very easy to use, and you can search for any radio stations to listen to some of your favorite songs. One of the most amazing features of the application is that it provides you an access to listen to music with formats such as the ACC, MP3, and MP4, etc.

6) TuneWiki

TuneWiki application brings you an amazing experience with some of your most favorite songs on your phone. You can listen to any kind of music on radio channels songs on your device not only that you can also listen to music from your device and also watch videos.


The application also provides you lyrics of the song with various translations languages. It offers you an amazing feature known as the SongBox which gives you an access for creating playlists and search for new songs.

7) Spotify

Spotify is one of the most amazing music streaming application which is developed on the basis of radio streaming style. The application provides you some of the latest and top songs of a playlist of all times.


Spotify comes with two version one is the free version but it contains online ads. The other comes with a paid version which is completely free of ads.

8) application is slightly more filled up with more energetic interface comparing with the other apps, and it is well appreciated by the users from around the world. The application provides you over 20,000 of stations to listen to the radio songs.


It offers you some amazing features like sleep timer to make it stop by itself when there is no one to listen to the radio songs. It will simply avoid keeping on playing for the whole night.

9) Jango Radio

Jango radio is one of the most amazing applications which offer you the opportunity to choose your favorite artist and listen to their songs on the radio. In order to do that, you have to just type the name of the artist in the Jango radio application and create a custom station of the selected artist.


Using the Jango Radio application, you can search for many stations and listen to an unlimited number of songs using your Android device.

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10) PCRadio

PCRadio is just one more amazing application for streaming songs for your Android devices. It offers you numbers of online stations of radio along with a variety of music genre such as the Pop, Rock, Electro, and Dance, etc. Just like the other radio apps here also you can add your favorite stations of radio and playlist.


The application provides you a good quality of songs and requires less speed of internet connection to perform the radio. It has a pro version that comes with some of the extra features such as the record channels, set the timer and improved streaming quality and also remove the ads.



These are some of the Top 10 FM Radio Apps for Android which is best for listening radio music on your device. However, there is some other best Fm Radio application available for download on your Android device. I hope you find this article helpful for you please leave your comment.

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