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How to Fix ” Webpage not Available ” Issue in Chrome

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In this era of two-binary-digits, there is barely a person who does not access into the virtual world of internet. We depend on internet for many essential purposes. A browsing tool plays the rule of entrance/medium to enter the virtual world. It is as clear as that you can’t use internet, or access into virtual database without a browsing software or application. Now you can simply imagine how important a browsing tool is.

This Webpage is not Available

The most popular and widely accepted browsing tool we have today is the Google Chrome. Especially for PC users, chrome is the only browser that can fulfill all kind of needs. In the present days, the Google’s product is spreading its business in the Smartphone platforms as well, and achieved a positive approach from mobile users too.

In spite of being such a convenient tool, many users around the world have claimed that Chrome should be more precise in fixing out many error occurrences. The issues with Webpage not available in Chrome while users try accessing into certain website are very common today.

Facing Webpage not Available In Chrome? Here is Why –

While trying to enter into certain website via internet, if you get a blank error page with a text “This webpage is not available”, there could be several reasons for such error occurrence. And,  the error text that showcases “This Webpage is not Available” defines various error problems such as DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAINERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR, etc.

Counting out some of the reasons behind your webpage not available issue –

  • Your computer device might not be connected to internet properly.
  • The site you were trying to enter could be blocked by your system host file.
  • If you are trying to access into malfunctioning website, your active system antivirus is likely to block the website from accessing.
  • You might be trying to access the website via a proxy server which failed to provide the required DNS info.
  • The website you are trying to access could be temporarily down.

The actual reason can be anything from the mentioned reasons above. It can be a simple or complicated.

However, I will be guiding you with easiest and simplest procedure to fix “ This webpage is not available ” issue that is responsible for leading your desired webpage not available for you.

But, first and foremost, you must try to figure out the actual reason of this issue and fix it out from the root.

The Firs Aid to “ This Webpage is not available ” in Chrome

Try finding out if your internet connectivity is properly connected with your computer system or not. As you know, your desired website can’t be loaded without a proper internet connection.

webpage not available
Check internet connection

You need to check the Router device or Modem is On or properly connected to computer either with a cable or wireless.

You can try to connect your used ISP to any other device, just to check the internet is working with other device or not.

These above methods will you to find out whether the problem of “ This webpage is not available ” issue is within the computer system, or it is with the ISP connectivity.

Fixes to Webpage not Available Issues in Chrome

From the above mentioned First Aid to prevent or recovery of error issues in Chrome browser, you could have figured out where your Webpage not available issue reside. If the problem is in ISP connection, you may try out our first fixation right here.

If the culprit of “ This Webpage is not Available “ error does not have any issue with ISP, you may skip the first Fixation method, and try out the rest.

Fixation 1: Reboot the Router or Modem

As soon as you found out that the improper ISP connection is causing the Webpage not available problem in your PC. You may consider calling the Internet Service Provider in order to fix the issue. But, how about trying a simple trick yourself, and fixing that out? Sounds better right?

fix chrome error

Let’s execute the trick step by step-

Step 1: Turn off your Router or Modem device power off, and remove the Ethernet power cable.

Step 2: Keep that power cable removed for couple of minutes.

Step 3: After couple of minutes over, you can insert the power cable and make all the connection back again.

Step 4: Turn on the Router power On and check if the internet connectivity is back on business.

In case, assuming this trick didn’t work for you, you may now need to call the Internet Service Provider Personal for further help.

Fixation 2: Flush DNS Cache and Cookies

Sometimes, old or corrupted DNS cache and cookies could cause several issues that leads Webpage not available of your desired website while try accessing into it. In such cases, you may need to flush out those old DNS garbage and register new ones.

The flushing of DNS cache and cookies can be done by Administrating Command Prompt of your computer system.

Step 1:  Run the Command Prompt as your system Administrator as follows-

Go to “Start menu” > enter “cmd” text in the search box > execute the Command Prompt.

command propmt

Step 2: Once the Command Prompt is launched, input the below given codes into the prompt. Press “Enter” key for each codes you have inputted in order to execute the codes in prompt.






netsh in tip set dns

netsh winsock reset

system administrator

Step 3: After executing all the prompt codes, “Restart” you computer system in pursuance to assure the changes in DNS.

Fixation 3: Edit System Host File

One of the common reasons we have experienced for unable to access into certain websites, is that of the site is blocked in system Host file. You can unblock your desired website from the host file.

Simply editing the host file and removing your attempted site URL address from it, you can get access to the site seamlessly.

Step 1: Windows 8 and 10 users, open the Notepad as your system Administrator.

Go to “Windows Start” menu icon > Navigate “Notepad” from the top right corner > Click right mouse button > Click on “Run as administrator” option.

webpage not available

Step 2: Once the Notepad is opened as system Administrator, open the Host file through Notepad by navigating it via C:windowssystem32driversetchosts.

You can do this manually, or simply press “Ctrl+O” together and copy the file series, “C:windowssystem32driversetchosts” and paste it in the “File name” box. And then click “Open”.


Step 3: Once the Host file is open, scroll down the page and check if any website domain name is added in the file. For example, in my host file, is added and blocked by Host file.

You can edit the host file to remove the Facebook URL or domain name ( from it, so that you can get back your access to Facebook again.

host file

Note: The domain name of any blocked website by Host file should reside only after “#” symbol. So, you must remove or add your site in order to be blocked or unblocked only after the symbol “#”.

Step 4: Once your desired site is removed or unblocked from host file, you must “Save” the changes you have recently done.

Fixation 4: Change DNS and IP Addresses

Another most effective fixation most people undoubtedly relies on, in order to fix many Chrome error issues including “ This webpage is not available “ is changing the DNS and IP address. This method is easy one to be getting done, yet very effective in getting rid of our desired Webpage not available issues.

Step 1: Point on the internet network icon and click right mouse button. From the popped up option above, now click on the “Open Network and Sharing Center” alternative.

sharing center

Step 2: Navigate and click the “Change adapter settings” on the next page.


Step 3: Select and click on the currently connected network which can be any of LAN, Ethernet, WiFi, etc. And then click on “Properties”.


Step 4: Now, check the box of “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TPC/IPv4)”, followed by clicking on “Properties”.

chrome error

Step 5: On the next pop up page, again check the box of “Use the following DNS server address:”, and then input following DNS addresses given here.

Preferred DNS Server:

Alternative DNS Server:

error in chrome

Step 6: After inputting the above DNS server addresses respectively, click the “OK” button to assure the changes.

Fixation 5: Deactivate the Antimalware Software on Your Computer

It won’t be a wise solution but, in an urgent case, you may need this method too. If your desired website contains any server cyber malware, your antivirus software is likely to be blocking you from accessing into that.

It is suggested not access any website that contains computer viruses, but if you don’t have any alternative but need to access to that, this fixation may help you out.

In order to access such kind of website, that are blocked to access by your system virus protector software, you can just disable or uninstall the Antivirus Software from your computer system.

Step 1: Go to Windows Start menu, type “Control Panel” in the search box, and Click on the proper result.

fix chrome

Step 2: Now click on the “Programs” option, followed by “Programs and Features”.

error in chrome

Step 3: Now Change the View option for a clear location. And click on the Antivirus Software, followed by clicking on “Uninstall/Change” option.



So, now you have all kind of solutions and fixations to the unexpectedly Webpage not available issue of Google Chrome Browser. For issues of your desired website down, you may not get any solution so far. And if your issues is with the proxy server you are using of, you may keep avoiding to use that server in order to get rid of error issues with Webpage being not available.

For any queries regarding “ This webpage is not available ” error, the comment section below here is all yours.


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