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How to Fix Pokémon Go Not Loading Problem?

Pokemon Go game has tasted a storming success, is a phenomenal game ever, which is overwhelming on the internet. Pokémon Go has become a viral game within the shortest portion of time, since its release. With more than 50 million players Pokémon Go is an epic mark on the mobile game history. Nevertheless, Pokemon Go also in the gossip for some glitches and disadvantages. Newly launched Pokémon Go has many issues, especially with the modified Pokémon Go APK file.

As we know Pokémon Go is not globally launched, players from a very few of the countries are enjoying the real experience of this game. In other words, most of the game freaks, where Pokémon Go not officially launched using modified APK file to be part of most these days most enjoyable game. But using the modified Pokémon Go APK file, most of them facing Pokémon Go not loading problem. Besides, official Pokémon Go app also has glitch and bugs.Fix Pokémon Go Not Loading Problem


In other words, many game freaks from around the world are relying on the Pokemon Go APK extracted file hoping to have fun of this revolutionary game. But using the modified Pokémon Go APK file, most of them facing many issues like Pokémon Go not loading problem and GPS not found. Besides, official Pokémon Go app also has glitches and bugs. If you are also facing the same problem and that interrupting your Pokémon Experience then you have landed on the right page.

So, here is how to fix Pokémon Go not loading problem and I hope reading this article you will resolve this issue easily.

How To Fix Pokémon Go Not Loading Problem?

Pokémon Go not loading problem can relate many reasons with. No doubt Niantic updating or working on fixation on these issues. Still, a lot of players might be struggling to play such as loading problem. So let’s get in-depth to this problem and fix it out, and be one of the parts of the most fantastic game.

1: Pokémon Go, not loading – Slow Loading and Crash

If your Pokémon Go app loading too slow and crashed, it could be updated issue. The developer Niantic Labs has released several updates ever since Pokémon Go initial launched. Make sure your Pokémon Go app is updated to the latest version. To update Pokémon Go on your Android and iOS devices, go to the respective app markets such as Google Play Store and iTunes App Store.

2: Pokémon Go, not loading – Smartphone Issue 

Although, Pokémon Go is small size game with just 61MB. But remember that Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game, which is completely based on GPS. With high-speed data connection and activated GPS Pokémon loads Pokémon map to show you available Pokémon items. There is a lot of complaining around the web from online users, as this game is being a battery hunger. It is all because of the running GPS, data connection, and power requirements.error fix


Hence, playing this game with a low-configure smartphone could be the reason of the Pokémon Go, not loading problem. I have tried playing Pokémon Go with a low-end Android smartphone and the phone become unresponsive dramatically. Well, you know in this case how to fix Pokémon Go not loading problem or you will require above an average configuration smartphone to tackle this Pokémon Go problem.

3: Fix Pokémon Go Not Loading Problem – Data Connection

Pokémon Go is a whole new concept real-time game. In this game, you will be travel and navigate yourself with Pokémon real-time map looking for the Pokémon and Pokémon items. A strong data connection must run your GPS signal uninterruptedly. So that, make sure that you are connected to a high-speed internet connection. Or else, it cannot read your GPS location and will be unable to load Pokémon Go.

To resolve this GPS not loading problem, make sure your Data connection is on and with a high-speed internet connection as well.

4: Pokémon Go GPS Signal Not Found

Well, this is yet another reason to the Pokémon Go, not loading problem. Although, this issue mostly happening with the modified Pokémon Go APK users. If your Pokémon Go app doesn’t load and showing “GPS Signal Not Found” then, first of all, you should check your internet connection. Make sure your cellular/Wi-Fi signal is strong, and the data speed rate is good enough.

Apart from this, confirm if your GPS is on and going to the device setting turn ON “High Accuracy” mode. Hope, this will resolve “GPS signal not found issue.”

There would be much reason to Pokémon Go, and I have highlighted the most happening problem for this. And given the resolution to solve this issues; I hope, with this tips you can control over this issue. So here is all about how to fix Pokémon Go not loading problem, if you are also facing one of these problems then try out now with these helpful tips.

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