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Fix or Disable write-protected error of Pendrive Easily with This Tricks

How to Fix or Disable write-protected error of Pendrive? When you use your Pendrive and sharing files from multiple devices then your Pendrive can get a write-protected error. This means you can no longer the Pendrive anymore. This problem is too risky which will not even allow you to format the file. And now if you cannot format the file then your Pendrive will remain unused. Such problem is often occurred and is very annoying as you cannot even format the Pendrive to use it again.

Now when this problem comes to your Pendrive, it is not possible for you to use the Pendrive. It will always show you Disk Full but not able to delete files. So your Pendrive will remain wastage, but do you know you can still fix them again.

There are certain tools by which you can Fix or Disable write-protected error of Pendrive for free. There is a software name- EaseUS free partition tool which will help you fix any Write-Protected Pendrives and flash drive using your PC.

How to Fix or Disable write-protected error of Pendrive using EaseUS free partition

EaseUS free partition is a tool which you can download for free and repair any defective Pendrive. When you try to format the Pendrive, you will see the file as FAT. And the problem arising such problem in your Pendrive is due to the FAT, you can check it by pressing Right Click on the Pendrive on your computer and select the property.

And to Fix any issue or problem in your Pendrive, you must download EaseUS Free Tool. This tool is a master key for formatting any Flash Drives or Pendrives.


  • Windows PC
  • Install EaseUS Partition Master Free 12.0
  • Infected Pendrive or Flash drive which you want to format.

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Download EaseUS free partition Tool

  • To download the Tool, Click here.
  • Now exe.file will be downloaded on your PC which you can run to install.
  • Next, after you have installed the Tool now you are ready to use It.

How to Repair or Fix or Disable write-protected error of Pendrive

  • After you have installed the Tool on your PC, now Open it.
  • Now insert the Pendrive, SD card or USB flash drive in your Computer which you want to format
  • Next, after you have open the Tool you will see the list of memory being used on your PC.
  • From the List select the Infected Pendrive and press Right Click on it.
  • You will get an option from which you have click on Format Partition.

  • This will now Delete or Format the Pendrive automatically but before that other windows will display asking to Change the file FAT into NTFS.
  • Finally, click on Apply to safely format the Pendrive and now you can use it for sharing & transferring more file among your friends.

Note: To use this tool you will need PC. EaseUS Partition Master Free 12.0 is free to download but there is also the premium version with more features included. 

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About EaseUS Partition Master Free 12.0

So now before downloading the Tool, you should also know about EaseUS Partition. For more details, you can visit-EaseUS Partition Master. They are free to download and it is specially designed for Windows PC. If you are not satisfied with the Free tool you can also switch to the premium one. The premium tools consist of two plans with two price- Partition master professional & Partition master Server. To unlock more features, you can also try the premium tools for fixing any Flash drive, Pendrive or memory SD card related issues.


So these are the easy and few steps task to format any infected file without spoiling your Pendrive. With the help of EaseUS Partition Master Free 12.0, you can easily Fix or Disable write-protected error of Pendrive. But you should also prevent your Pendrive getting infected by maintaining your Pendrive. Do not often insert & exert Pendrive immediately while the Pendrive file or folders are open on your Computer. Always take care if the file that you add in your Pendrive is virus affected or no, you must scan your Pendrive for virus & malware frequently. 

Hope you can now easily Fix your Pendrive for more interesting facts and tricks, keep visiting our site.

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