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First Date Mistake That You Made And How To Overcome!!

first date mistake

Very few events in life are comparable to your first date with your loved ones. And if everything goes well, you will surely have a memory of a lifetime. But you will also have to keep in mind that, as you are new to dating it is possible that you may end up making a few first date mistake.

first date mistake


Whether you are women or men, you will date spend hours to look special on their first date, putting on some make-up, choose the perfect gifts and find the right clothing to wear. But many times, it isn’t the dressing, gift or makeup which can make your date go wrong. There are a few common mistakes which you might end up doing without you knowing how to overcome them.

As the proverb says ” The First Impression is the Last Impression”.

First Date Mistake That You should Avoid and How To Overcome Them!!

Suppose, you appear into the restaurant and look around then you find your date waiting for you. What happens next? You wait for his or her text or call right after your first date, but however, you seems to be disappointed and ask yourself what went wrong on a date?

So, I will guide you through, how to overcome the mistakes that you have made on your first date which can make your partner think twice before going on a second date again. Let us check it out:

First Date Mistake: Common Mistakes That You Made On Your First Date!!

Here are some of the common mistakes which many people make on their first date:

1.Never Be Late On Your First Date:

first date mistake

This is the first & biggest mistakes that many people make on their first date, arriving late. This is the first thing you should avoid doing mistakes in being late since it is the first impression which can annoy your partner even before the starting your date. If you want to do over your mistakes, all you can do is text the other person by sending your regret of being late and again ask for sorry for being late when you reach the spot.

2. Never Speak Rudely to the People Who is Serving You:

The second thing you should avoid in doing is that being rude with the people who serves you. You should never shout or scream at the waiter inside the restaurant. But if the waiter is rude, all you need to do is, tell your date that you are disappointment about the service. But let me remind you if your date feels uncomfortable skip talking about the services.

3.Not Asking any Questions:

first date mistake

Some people are shy and don’t talk much, well, simply think of some interesting topic to talk about. You should try making some conversation and keep them engage with you. It is possible they might have the idea that you are not interested in dating them if you don’t talk to them at all.

4.Choosing the date Spot:

first date mistake


This is a common mistake that everyone makes on their first date, choosing the date spot. You should always make sure to choose a comfortable dating spot for your first date. You should make sure that the place is quiet and comfortable for couples.

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this is important, as a crowded place will create problems when you guys are having a conversation with each other or else there is a possibility of getting into miscommunication between people around you.

5. Watching the TV On Your Date:

first date mistake


This kind of mistakes actually happens to everyone. Suppose you took your date to a bar or restaurants for a drink or meal, however there you will find your favourite football match or any programs shows up on the big flat screen TV. In order to avoid them, you must not let your focus go off your date as it might show that you are not interested in them even though you are.

6. Body Language

first date mistake


While you are on the date, always make sure to have eye contact with your date instead of checking out the other people at the bar or restaurant. This makes your date uncomfortable and wonders whether you are not interested in them.

7. Getting  Drunk:

first date mistake

This is the biggest mistakes that you would want to make on your first date, which should be avoided at all cost. There is no harm in taking him or her out for a drink, make sure that your focus to know more about your date instead of getting drunk.

8. Never Talk about an Ex:

You should avoid talking about your or her ex on your first date except if you are asked directly. But keep in mind that you should never reveal your thoughts about your ex on the very first date. This will make them wonder that you haven’t moved on.

9. Checking out the Phone

first date mistake


You should avoid checking your phone often while you are on a date. This can make you appear as a bored, not interested in the date. But if you really need to check your phone, try to apologise and give some explanation to your date or else you can just excuse yourself by going to the restroom.

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10. Table Manners

first date mistake

Whenever you are on a first date or second one, you must have table manners. Many of us break down into saliva when we see some delicious food kept in front of you. I don’t need to explain further, all I can say is that always watch your table manners whenever you are on a date.

11.Bragging about your Income or anything

This is a mistake which everyone makes on their first date, bragging about income and much more.  This is pretty annoying to hear on your first date. You can always discuss it when you’re on a casual walk after a few dates. Bragging about income is never a good thing.

These are the signs or mistakes which everyone makes on their first dates, you must avoid these signs and try to recover from the past mistakes on your next date. These are the signs which will help you to overcome your mistakes which you made on the first date.


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