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Firebug for Firefox | How to install Firebug Add-on in Mozilla Firefox?

firebug for firefox browser tips and useful features

Get Firebug for Firefox browser and know some awesome tips and useful features of this. Mozilla Firefox is one of the most used Web Browser which is best and compatible for any PC. If you are working on Mozilla, you can access to any sort of works like the official site for applying for jobs, Exam’s result, and also other important tasks. And also for using other normal browsings on your PC, well, you know there are some of the tasks that you can do in Mozilla web browser. This web browser will allow you to customize your CSS, HTML & Javascript of any website which you are using on the Mozilla. All these can be done when you use their official extension and Add-on in Firefox.

firebug for firefox

Here let us discuss on Firefox Firebug, this is a special extension which will allow you to make changes in any of the websites you are currently using. With the help of Firebug- Firefox extension, view and edit CSS, HTML, and Javascript and doing this you can easily manipulate the current web page on your Mozilla.

Firebug in Firefox can be easily downloaded and install on your browser. This extension is free to download and have very useful tools to have a look into the actual materials added in the website you view.

A Glance on Tutorial for- how to install the Firebug in Firefox, Using Firebug, Check CSS, HTML, JavaScript codes & layouts of the current website you are viewing.

How to Download and install Firebug for Firefox?

To download and install the Firebug in your Mozilla firefox browser, there are two ways to open the Add-on web page in Firefox. We will discuss both the process for making you download the extension easily.

In a first way for installing the Firebug, you will have to follow the below procedure.

  • Go to your Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • Now click on the Menu located at the right top corner of the screen.
  • Next, you will click on the Add-on icon from the menu.
  • You will be now redirected to the extension store, where you have to click on the Get Add-on button.
  • Now on the search button, type and search for Firebug Extension.
  • A  list of all related add-on will be appeared from which you have to select the Firebug to install.
  • Finally, it will automatically download and install the extension on your Browser.

Firebug for Firefox

In a second way, you will have the shortcut to get directly redirect to the Extension store.

  • Open your Mozilla Firefox
  • Next press the key, ctrl+shift+A
  • Now you can follow the above procedure to download and install the extension.

How to use FireBug for Firefox?

When you have successfully installed the Firebug on your Firefox browser, now you are ready to use it on any website you are visiting. And to start the firebug, there is again two process.

First Process-

  • To enter into the Firebug, you click on the F12  key on your Keyboard.
  • Now you will open the section where you can check into the HTML, CSS & Javascript.

Second Process-

  • You can also enter into the Firebug directly, by clicking the Firebug icon present on the top right corner of the screen.
  • And now you will enter into the firebug.

irebug for firefox

So now let us start with some of the basic tutorials for manipulating any website using the Firebug in Firefox.

Inspecting Elements using Firebug for Firefox:

As soon as you enter into the Firebug, you will find a list of option which you can have a look and edit. You are allowed to check on- Console, HTML, CSS, Script, DOM, Net & Cookie.

Console Window

When you press on the Console, you can inspect the current website’s profile, Persistence files, Error and also Debug file. You can see the real-time situation that your browser is handling while you are working on it.

HTML window

This section is the part which you can make the several edit and changes in the particular website. First of all, you must check and inspect on the Website HTML source by opening the FireBug. Now in the left corner of the Firebug page, you will get an option for editing the Code.

Firebug for Firefox

CSS window

You can also check in the CSS code part and edit according to your need. In all every edit, you can also view the layouts which are making a better option for work on.

Firebug for Firefox

Script Window

You can also view the website in term of javascript which will allow you to edit and use it according to your needs.

Firebug for Firefox

Net Window

In this section, you can see all the website real-time internet usage of the particular web page which you are viewing. While there is no edit option and they are only enabled for getting a look at the net source of your website.

Firebug for Firefox

Cookie window

Finally, the Cookie where you can get a real-time source for data and memory usage of the website that are viewing. So these all are very important tools that will allow you to inspect the actual, running code on the website.

Firebug for Firefox

Important Note:

Well, Firebug is now officially considered as outdated extension program which now Mozilla is even recommending to use the DevTools. While but the Firebug too running well till now, so if you like Firebug extension you can still use it.


So these are the complete details about Firebug for Firefox which will allow you to make the changes in the HTML, CSS & Script of the website. There are also other extensions like Devtools which you could use as a replacement for Firebug. When you are using the Mozilla Firefox, you should also use the default running inspection tools on Mozilla but having the advance extension will even extend the usability for you.

Hope you find this article useful, for more interesting tricks keep visiting our site.

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