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Fingerprint Lock Apps For Android: High Security Protection

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A fingerprint lock is one of the best security systems that you can get.But if you are not using the fingerprint lock feature to the full extent on your smartphone, you are missing out a lot.

Starting right from banks, private home security, offices and even on electronic devices, one can see fingerprint lock being used everywhere. As we know that each of us( every human being) has different fingerprint, this makes fingerprint lock safe and secure.

fingerprint sensor

And so, now you can even see fingerprint lock being used in smartphones which bring security to a whole new level. Unlike previously security system, where we used to put a code or pattern on our lock screen, smartphone now uses the fingerprint scanner to securely safeguard our private files and documents.

How does a Fingerprint lock Work & Why is fingerprint lock safe?.

A fingerprint lock scans the lines ending and ridge of each finger and this information all together creates a singular pattern called minutiae. So the next time you scan your finger, the minutiae is read and you are provided with the function.And so, you can be sure that no one will be able to unlock your device without your permission as the minutiae of different fingerprints won’t match at any point of time. This makes fingerprint locks safe and sure to handle.

And so, you can be sure that no one will be able to unlock your device without your permission as the minutiae of different fingerprints won’t match at any point of time. This makes fingerprint locks safe and sure to handle.

Now that you know how the fingerprint lock really works, let’s look into how you can enjoy using this simple yet secure feature on your smartphone. The fingerprint scanner on your smartphone can be used as an advantage for many functions on your device. And with many apps that work with the fingerprint lock, you can be sure to take full advantages of the fingerprint functionality.

Lock Smartphone & Applications With Fingerprint Locking Apps:

Fingerprint Pattern App Lock:

When you are worried about that data that you carry on your mobile device you should definitely use a good Fingerprint locker. So if your phone has fingerprint locker then, you can definitely use the Fingerprint Pattern App Lock to safeguard your confidential data.

Fingerprint locker

The Fingerprint Pattern App Lock doesn’t only securely protects the data (contacts and messages) but also the apps. Yes, you can even lock apps from getting exposed to unauthorized users. This allows you the freedom to share your device even with your kids or siblings without them snooping through your private apps.

Not just that, you will also be able to enjoy quite a few more features with Fingerprint Pattern App Lock. Let us have a look at the features that you must be interested to know about:


i. Supports the latest versions of the Android.

ii. Use fingerprint or pattern to unlock your app or device.

iii. You can even use a PIN code to lock and unlock the apps.

iv. Vibration & Sound effect on locking and unlocking the device.

v. Easy to use interface with customizations.

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Now you can securely lock your device and even the apps that have your private or confidential information like bank details, password, and private dating friends.

Cons of Fingerprint Pattern App Lock:

  • Doesn’t wok on some unregistered Smartphones.
  • May crash with prolong usage (on few devices only).

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AppLock-fingerprint Unlock- Cheetah Mobile:

Save all you data and apps from ever being exposed with AppLock-Fingerprint Unlock.  You can lock every single app on your phone or even choose to lock apps according to your choice. Set different fingerprints for different apps which will make it really convenient to use secretly.

Fingerprint app locker

The app is really light and has a very simple user interface. This brings in the freedom of locking what you want and when you want to without much trouble. Lock you connectivity options like Incoming Calls, Bluetooth, WiFi or your App like Browser, Playstore and virtually any app. You can even choose to lock your phone setting to avoid anyone from uninstalling the app.

There a lot of features that you can enjoy while using AppLock-Fingerprint Unlock. Let us have a look at the best features.


i. The app is really light with just 1.44 MB file size.

ii. Supports the latest android versions and is updated effectively with every new android versions.

iii. If anyone tries to unlock your phone, you will get an instant photo snap.

iv. You can choose the method unlocking the app.

v. No annoying ads.

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No matter whether you are a young person, a parent or a worker, you can use this app for free to save your device from being exposed to an unknown person. Or lock what you want and let you kid play around with it without exposing what you want to hide.You can even choose to customize the way you want with different themes and outlooks.

Cons of AppLock- Finger Print Unlock:

  • Ads pop up on Rooted devices.
  • Needs to be unlocked with the pattern as the fingerprint doesn’t work sometimes.
  • Unsupported on many old android devices.

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App Lock- Real Fingerprint:

Tired of using the same old screen pattern or PIN lock? If you want to grab some something creative for your fingerprint lock then App Lock is what you want. Be creative while even protecting your files on your smartphone. If you don’t want people to see what you are really upto on your smartphone.

lock app with fingerprint

Hide any app instantly and make anyone think that the app has crashed. there are a lot of features that you can enjoy from, have a look at them.

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i. You can lock any app. Starting right from the default setting option to social apps, games, and gallery.

ii. If anyone tries to unlock your device without a permission, you will get a snap of the person trying to unlock your device. Not just that, the photo will be sent to your designated email address.

iii. Make any app look like it crashed upon trying to open. Clicking on assigned app will launch a Force Close (crash message image) which will make anyone think that the app doesn’t work. Later, you can open the app with just a simple click that you assigned earlier.

iv. Comes with vibrate upon locking or unlocking the device.

v. User-friendly and highly customizable interface.

vi. Supports many devices (with fingerprint sensor) and the latest android versions.

vii. Change app icons to confuse any user from getting into your private apps. (Example: Change your dating app icon to Google Map)

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Go worry less with the app as no one will be able to access your device & even if they try, the device will show up as the application has crashed.

Cons of AppLock Real Fingerprint:

  • Doesn’t seem to work properly for Heavy games.
  • Need internet connection to send over the snap of user who is trying to break into your device.

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AppLock- Fingerprint Lock:

Lock your device and apps from being exposed to any user. With Applock- fingerprint Lock you will be able to lock your apps or your device securely with the inbuilt fingerprint sensor.  And if anyone tries to unlock your device, the application will take a photo of the person trying to break into your device.

Fingerprint lock for android


This security app isn’t just designed for boys to hide their stuff from their girlfriends, girls can also use it for better security as they have a lot of their personal messages and images on their device. And with a beautifully designed UI, you will also be able to customize the lock screen in the way you want.

With a lot of handy features, AppLock- Fingerprint Lock can help you protect your personal data in the safest way possible.


i. Lock any app actively and even confirm whether a newly installed app should be protected or not.

ii. Choose from a variety of lock options and more.

iii. Amazing UI that suits both for boys and girls.

iii. The app automatically takes a snap of the person who is trying to open your device and email it directly to your designated email with time and date.

iv. Supports upto 10 different languages.

Lock the AppLock- Fingerprint Lock with advanced protection so that the app can’t be uninstalled by any user but you. This will make the app more secure to use.

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  • Any app that has been unlocked and launched should be closed and the device should be locked to lock the application again.
  • Doesn’t work for latest Android N or even few older versions.
  • Ads pop up can make using the app a little annoying.

Download from Playstore

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AppLock- Fingerprint:

Protect your private apps with the AppLock- fingerprint app. As we all know that, we tend to do all the transactions right from our Smartphone now and then.  We carry a lot of vital pieces of information like bank details, login details, private messages, images or files which can cost us a lot if our device falls into the wrong hands.


So, using a locking app to control all the information can be a really big factor. And this is where AppLock- fingerprint app comes into the play. With many amazing features,  AppLock- Fingerprint offers an advanced security app just for the apps you use.

Special feature: Once you have locked the gallery, all the photos and videos on the gallery will be inaccessible from anywhere else.


i. Light Weight with just 3MB file Size.

ii. Lock any application that you want. It can be your professional, financial, messaging or gaming app.

iii. Takes and sends snaps of the person who is trying to rush into your device without permission.

iv. High-end security for a high-end android device with a fingerprint sensor.

v. Lock out the default Setting option on your device.

vi. Set a fake popup which says that the locked app has crashed.

vii. Set more than just one layer of security, add finger print and even a password for the same app.

viii. 31 Language support.

ix. The AppLock- fingerprint application name can be changed to hide that you are trying to lock apps on your device.

Additional feature: The locked apps will no popup any notification in the Status Bar/notification Bar.

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  • Doesn’t work on some latest devices.

Download from Playstore

Locking all your important apps or even your device is really important as you should be protecting your device from unauthorized usage and these fingerprint lock apps can definitely help you get a better security sense for your device. Or you can even use APP LOCKERS to lock your apps directly.

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