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Finding Genuine & Fraud PTC [Paid-To-Click] Sites To Make Money Online

Identify PTC sites

Making Money is never been easy.

When it’s about ‘Making Money Online‘ from home, initially it may sound like a piece of cake.

But, the truth is vice versa.

Let’s talk about PTC (Paid to Click) Websites.

A lot of questions have to be answered. Because you are about to spend your time on it. Time is Money.

  • What does PTC even mean and how does it work?
  • Is it reliable to earn money from home?
  • How many earning digits could be stretched so far?
  • Is it trustworthy to opt for?

Frauds are all around us. When you get online, you are more vulnerable to be scammed.

Cost of internet usage is getting economical day-by-day. But, this cheap facility can end you up in bankrupt.

Cybercrime is getting hotter. Online fraud is on trend. Every day, million of internet users with a less knowledge about online scams are being preyed, mostly.make money online

Are you one of the typical internet users? 

Yes? You must be way more careful right now and every next time you use internet service.

These online scams tend to catch our attention showing you lucrative offers, achievements, prizes, profits, you name it.

And, once you are caught, either you are doomed or ending up in depression.

The network of the online scam is huge. Paid to Click or PTC in short, is just-a-small yet one of the best ways to lure anyone who is looking for earning some bucks.

Okay, I am being too negative. I must admit, there is also a good thing about PTC (Paid to Click). Not all the PTC websites are scams.

Knowledge is the best weapon to fight anything odd. Experience sharpen your knowledge.

A sharp knowledge is what you need to Dig Out Gold From Muds. To Filter Diamond From Coals.

Do you feel me?

So, all you need is the proper knowledge to identify which is a fake or scam PTC site and which is worth trying.

Let me break it down into pieces.

What is PTC (Paid to Click)? How Does It Work?

PTC stands for Paid to Click. I know you already have got that. But, you might not have known what this thing cook.

Can you see the banner Ads on this webpage? You have seen such Ads on other websites too.

Assuming, one of these Ads got your interest. You clicked on it. And, I get paid. Similarly, if you click on the Ads shown on any website, they website owner gets paid.

The advertiser pays the amount to the website runners.

No this is not what PTC mean. Hold your Horses.

Now, I get paid for you have clicked the Ads shown on my webpage. And, you got nothing but only information.

At this point, Paid To Click sites are different.

PTC sites ask you to visit their site and click on the Ads shown on them. When they get paid by the advertisers, a little portion of the profit is shared with you.

In short, you will make money online just by clicking/viewing the Ads.

What is PTC

I think, no extraordinary skill is needed to get the job done. It may take only a couple of minutes to hit one piece. That’s the catch.

You could have gained a pretty handful of honey throughout the day. Sitting back at home.

Is PTC Online Money Making Reliable?

Let me bring it straight, PTC is not going to feed your family. So, you are not supposed to waste your entire day on it.

There are many Online Money Making hacks available today. PTC is just a small online earning system that can fulfil your extra expenses end of the month.

If you are a student or homemaker, this is a great thing you can spend your leisure periods.

After all, sneaking into Social Sites, scrolling down NewsFeeds, Liking/Commenting on social media items are not any productive.

How Much Can Be Earned From PTC?

It depends, how much you can put your time and effort on it. It also depends on payout rates. Most importantly it depends on whether you have chosen a genuine PTCC site or scam site.

Talking about the Positive side, you earn $5 – $50 pe day from genuine PTC websites. The Best part is, you don’t have to spend your entire day on it to earn that figure.

Is PTC Trustworthy to Opt For?

Now the biggest question to be answered. Or, didI have answered that already?

I have been answering this all the way long.

The Answer is Yes, and No.

If you have enough idea to figure out a site’s authenticity or unreliability, you have the right answer.

How to Identify Genuine or Fake PTC Sites?

A proper recognition of the right thing makes all the difference. The right action will confirm either you will be making money from PTC or will you be scammed just like million others around the globe.

As far I have gained knowledge from years of experience using Paid to Click websites, the concerned factors are not so difficult to spot.

Here are what I have figured out from my good and bad experiences with PTC sites.

1: Number of Displaying Ads

From a legit site, you will get only 10 to 20 Ads to click per day. If any site shows you more Ad availability, you can smell what it really is.

2: Pay Rates

A legit PTC site does not offer any huge profit. Normally, legit PTC site shows high pay rates $0.1/Ad for 1 to 4 Ads with normal/standard membership. 4 to 10 Ads with $0.005/Ad normal pay rate.

And, 10 to 20 Ads will be with low pay rates at $0.001/Ad. The pay rates may vary a little site to site.

However, if any site claims to pay you better, that is definitely a trap.

3: No Fees for Registration

If a site asks you a certain amount for registration before you start the job, it’s time to get your hands off. These kind of sites are even worse than not-paying-you ones.

4: Upgrade Discounts

Membership upgrade is normal, and for a good cause. But, if any PTC site keeps on asking you for upgrades regularly with high discounts, that will be stinky.

5: Active Forum

Look for an active forum or user community on PTC sites. That will be much helpful to communicate with other members on the site. If a site does not have any forum, it is likely to be a scam.

6: Go With Reviews

Don’t hesitate to ask The Mighty Google about a certain PTC website. If the site is legit or scam, you will get the right review on it from Google.

7: Your Bank Details

You should not give your bank details even to your partner. So, giving it away to a website is an over-my-dead-body thing. If any PTC asks you from Bank details, you know what to do.

8: Ask for Payment

Once you finally joined a PTC site and started working on it,  ask for payout when minimum payment threshold is reached. Most of these sites have low payment threshold around $2-$3. If you get the first payment, you are good to go.

9: Look for Copyright Year

At the bottom of a PTC site, there is Copyright info section. Check if the Copyright year is mentioned as of current year (if any). Inaccuracy info in Copyright Year is a Big Red Flag.


Get these factors in mind, you will see, identifying a real or fake PTC site is no task to sweat.

When you spot a genuine PTC website, you can start your earning task easily.

You will need – 

  • A personal computer (Laptop/Desktop)
  • A stable internet connection
  • A valid Gmail account
  • A personal Bank account
  • An Active Paypal account linked to your bank account

 – to get started with Paid To Click sites. 

So, these are all I have learned throughout my experiences of Making money online using PTC sites.

What’s your move?

Have you started already?

I would like to be asked if you have any queries regarding Paid To Click Websites and the Money Making Hack.

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