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Failed To Fill Up Hostgator W8-Ben Tax form non US?

W8-Ben Tax form for the Hostgator affiliate, one of the highest paying affiliate network I have ever come across. Hostgator are Paying upto 125$ per sale for premium affiliate marketer who are selling out more than 21 hosting in single month. However, now a days there are lots of complain against hostgator affiliate for invalid affiliate sales.

If you are Indian you need to fill up form correctly and submit it at the beginning of the sign. One horrible thing happened to me with one of my hostgator affiliate account. I was  making a good promotion for Hostgator to make affiliate sales, but results were very disappointing at that very moment because I could see my sales getting invalid in one of my hostgator affiliate account.

W8-Ben Tax form is necessary for non-US residence affiliate account for receiving money. The account which I was talking about was my first affiliate account which I registered when I was having no idea about it. I filled the W8-Ben Non US tax form successfully to make some earnings but I did few mistakes due to which I found my many sales yellow reason no tax.

How to Fill up W8-Ben Tax Form correctly for hostgator?

First of all before you proceed to Tax for you must sign up with Hostgator affiliate and get approved instantly. Once you successfully get approved and login to your affiliate account.  You will get options for filling up Tax form for US or non-US.

If You are Indian or from any other country in the word other than US choose W8-Ben Tax for for receiving your affiliate commission.

Requirement of W8-Ben Tax Form:

To receive the commission which we earn via our affiliate account, according to US Government rule you are not eligible to receive money without filling up this Tax form. This form is provided by International Revenue Services with advance purpose to reduce rate of Tax on any US source income.

If you have missed out the form from your affiliate account go to

Fill up the first section of your form like the given image below.


Now after you follow the above guidelines, for filling up the below form follow the below image instruction.


After you complete this two step you are ready to start your affiliate sales as well as ready to get commission if any sales.

If you have any doubts please ask via comment.

Thank you.

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