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10 Spectacular Festivals Around the World That Will Thrill You To Your Core

festivals around the world

Festivals around the world offer you some amazing experiences and memories that you can remember for years. This world is all full of fun and amusing people, where you can get a life changing experience and turn into a free-spirit person. Millions of people don’t just go for a holiday around the world but they go to enjoy and have fun on every unique festival that is celebrated all around the world that will give an adrenalin rush.

festivals around the world

Therefore, if you have any festivals in your bucket lists then go and visit the places. If you have absolutely no idea, what are the festivals around the world then this list of best festivals around the world will help you out. Right from the food fights in Australia and Tomato fights in Spain, and much more.

10 Festivals Around The World | That Will Amuse You & You Wouldn’t Want To Miss:

Therefore, if you are looking for the ultimate cultural experience, or anything else there is something for everyone. So, come on let’s start exploring some unique and amazing celebrations from all around the world.

1.Snow & Ice Festival- Harbin, China:

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The Harbin festival considered as the largest snow and ice festival around the world. This festival starts in the month of 5th January to 25th February, in China. During this festival, it includes the world’s biggest ice sculptures, other activities like Yabuli alpine skiing.

2.Yi Peng Lantern Festival, Thailand:

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Yi Peng or Yee Peng considered being the largest festivals of lights in Northern Thailand, to show respect to Buddha. There is no any proper date when it starts, it celebrates by using floating lights on the water. Alongside the river, you will find parades, fireworks, display of colorful lanterns and much more.

3.Holi-Celebrated by Hindus Around the World:

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Holi is considered to be one of the major festivals of Hindus that is celebrated in many parts of India, especially in North India. It is the festival of colors and lasts for at least two to three days. During this festivals, millions of people pour colored water and colored powder on each other and also cook different types of sweets and foods.

4.Carnaval- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:

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The Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro, considered to be the biggest carnival in the world. You will find a non-stop party, with a little addition of Brazilian flairs like samba music, colorful costumes and much more.This festival starts in the month of February 28th to 4th March every year.

5.La Tomatina- Bunol, Spain:

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The La Tomatina festival is purely meant for fun and does not belong to any ancient traditions. During 1945, very few locals began throwing fruits and vegetables at each other during a parade. Hence, the tomato-throwing festivals have started and celebrated around the world.It starts in the month of August every year. However, if you are bored experiencing these unique festivals you can check out the best monsoon destinations in India.

6.St. Patrick’s Day, Dublin:

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On this day, the whole New York City turns green where millions of people paint a green shamrock on their faces. Millions of Irish immigrants and other nationalities celebrate this day.

Furthermore, many Irish people bake their traditional soda bread that is made with raisins, baking soda, baking powder, flour, sugar, salt, and margarine.This festival starts in the month of 17th March every year.

7. Tomorrowland:

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Tomorrowland is the ultimate EDM music festival that is held in Belgium every year. You will find millions of people gathering from across the globe and meet new people who share the same music taste and have fun. However, not only that, even few renowned DJ’s participate like David Guetta, Afrojack and much more. This festival starts during summer time in the month of June 27th to 29 every year.

8.Albuquerque International Balloon Festival- Albuquerque, N.M:

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Albuquerque International Balloon festival is the world’s biggest hot air balloon festival, that takes place in  Albuquerque, New Mexico, the USA during early October. The Balloon festival is celebrated for 9 days and has over 500 million balloons each year.It starts from October 5th to 13th October every year.

9.Running of the Bulls- Pamplona, Spain:

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Running of the Bulls is a practice which involves running in front of a small group of cattle, that is held in Spain on July 6-14 every year. Millions of people from across the globe join this festival, which is fun and crazy but keep in mind you need to be brave enough to run in front of the bull. There have been life threatning incedents so, you better have the guts to face bulls running behind you.

10.Comic-Con International, San Diego:

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Comic-Con International is a multigenre festival, which held on 20th -23rd July every year in San Diego, California. You will find a group of comics, movie and science fiction fans gets together in this big event from across the globe. However, the coolest part is that you can meet your idols and also take part in the fantasy world by cosplaying all your favorite character, talking with strangers and making new friends who share the same interest with you.

These are the festivals around the world that you wouldn’t miss for anything. Therefore, grab all your backpacks and get the experience that will give you an adrenalin rush and also explore the unique festivals around the world and also get the lifetime opportunity to have fun in all the festivals around the world.

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