FBI Arrested WannaCry Ransomware Attack Savior Marcus Hutchins!
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FBI Arrested Marcus Hutchins – The Hero Who Stopped WannaCry Ransom-ware Attack

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Marcus Hutchins, who was credited with stopping one of the most devastating cyber-attack WannaCry Ransomware attack in NHS Britain and many others in May last was arrested by the FBI for allegedly creating a malware program used for hacking into banking systems of Canada, Europe, and the US.

Wannacry Hero

Marcus who started his career as a blogger at his very early age under pseudonym MalwareTech was arrested on Wednesday in Nevada when he went to attend the annual conference of the Black-Hats & Def Con Security in Las Vegas. The self-taught computer-security researcher was indicted to formally accuse of computer related crimes to creating malicious programs for stealing banking details and passwords from websites and infected computers. He is further accused of distributions of the Kronos banking Trojan malware and selling & advertising it to many over the internet in 2014-15. He was allegedly charged along with another person whose name was not mentioned yet.

The arrest of Hutchins has surprised the entire cyber security industry. Among the white-hat security researchers, Marcus happened to become the savior, who not only stopped the WannaCry ransomware Cyber attack which crippled the whole of British Hospitals but also saved many potential lives.

WannaCry that spread like a wildfire infecting at least few thousands of computers in many countries as was reported, locking many users out until $300 – $600 was paid as Bitcoin. Many, fell victim of the malicious attack on the cyber crime like the National Health Services in Britain,  Renault, Nissan Motor Co. and FedEx Corp. as well. Quick enough to respond to the attack Hutchins acted to the attack and registered a website link that killed the malware attack in which lies the secret codes that served as a “Kill Switch” to the WannaCry and ended the attack.

“The EFF is deeply concerned about the arrest of Marcus Hutchins.” Carstensen said, A Spokesperson of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. “We are looking into the matter, and are reaching out Hutchins.” said the San Francisco-based legal advocacy group.

A confirmation from the NCA UK was also given that a British Citizen was detained in the US and that is “a matter for the authorities in the US”.

After the sudden discovery of the kill switch of the WannaCry ransomware Hutchins has become a very well known celebrity. A person who did not even go to the university now is a hero to the Great Britain and all over the world and the master of ethical hacking.

The arrest of the cyber-expert Marcus Hutchins came after criminal market place AlphaBay was taken down by the FBI, where he is alleged of selling promoting and maintaining the Kronos Banking Trojan Malware.

Many people who know him disagree with the allegations made against Marcus. “He spent his career stopping malware, not writing it,” Mr. Mabbitt tweeted on Thursday.

Andrew Mabbitt Tweets for Marcus Hutchins
Marcus’s mother Janet Hutchins was shocked to hear her son’s arrest and was trying to find out what exactly happened to him that he got arrested. She was not sure of what actually went wrong. “I think I’m going to be busy to night,” Said Janet.




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