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Factor Behind Decrease In DA PA Update {Case Study}

DA PA update rolled out recently which had vastly affected the Domain Authority and Page Authority of the website. I experienced some improvement on most of my website because I was preparing my sites so that I get boosted during the update. Blog with good DA PA has lots of benefits and opportunities to get good direct advertisements offer and sponsored reviews.

I have few blogs which already had a decent amount of backlinks, which I just left untouched to see what happens next. The expected date for the next DA PA update according to MOZ was on 23rd June, which rolled out last night [9th June midnight]. At night when I was just analyzing some websites I turned on my Moz bar added on my extension. Using which one can check the Domain authority and Page Authority of any website.

You can get the same extension to your chrome browser from here.

How to get prepared before the next update?

To prepare your website before the next update, you must know the exact date before the update roll out. To check the dates for the next update follow the link.

Domain Authority and Page Authority is based on many factor, out of which some important factors are mentioned below:

1. Root Domains: DA is updated with respective score based on your number of links [Depending upon the quality of links]. Here You got to understand that you building multiple links from the same source/domain which you already know is not the tactics which you should follow. Instead of building 100’s of links from just 5-10 domain, it is better to build 15 links from 15 different domains.

2. Link Distribution: Every Page that exist in your blog is as important as any other page, but we don’t take care of all the existing URL’s.  I used to believe that getting links to home page is important to increase the Domain Authority and Page Authority. However, during the earlier update than the recent moz update, I build links for two of my blogs.

One of those blog was having decent amount of indexed pages [Approx 70+] Blog A and another just two pages only blog B. I started building links for both the blogs, I was giving more preference to the blog which had more indexed pages. Accordingly more number of link building was done for blog with more pages. Surprisingly when the update rolled out the DA of the blog with more indexed page was just 22 Blog A and another blog’s DA was 29 blog B.

I realized one thing, that I did not build links for all the page on the blog with more indexed page, whereas I had build links on both the indexed page on another blog.

Build links:


  • Quality of link were equally strong.
  • Blog with more pages indexed was few month older than the 2nd one.
  • Blog A few pages and main domain was getting the maximum number links, whereas many pages were untouched. Blog B has only two page indexed an backlink was equally build for both the pages.
  • During result Blog B scored better than Blog A.
  • Blog B both page ranked [2 out of 2] on search engine whereas Blog A Ranked approx 10-15 page [15 out of 70].
  • Hence, we must make sure that we take care of every page on our blog, which extremely helps in gaining Page Authority.

One more Biggest factor behind decrease of DA PA:

We basically become excited after getting boosted up in our DA PA after decent link building or no link building[ if you get natural links]. We sometimes focus on some other blog, work or any other side of the work [happened with me], keeping in back of mind that DA has already increased. Building fewer links and still waiting for DA to increase, but it gradually decreases why??

If your previous links were enough to make your DA 20+, why it decreased after adding few more link???

Fact is Here:



  • Are you building links from commenting?? Social bookmarking or other places. Most of the backlink are not permanent, due to which they get removed most of the time. Especially the commenting, bookmarking or similar kind of links.
  • If you links are getting removed consistently you domain authority will decrease for sure.
  • You should look for permanent links, example: links from contents such as guest post etc.

To keep the number of links build more than number of links you have to keep on checking your ahref reports. it is highly recommended to keep updating your blog with fresh ideas and contents which will always keep your blog updated with fresh natural backlinks to increase DA in each update.

My DA PA after recent update:



These are the simple things which I found very effective, taking note of all the points I worked and increase the DA of my multiple blog in recent update.

I would like to know what tactics do you follow to increase you DA PA??

Was the article helpful for you??

Waiting for your reply thanks for reading.

Best regards.

About the author

Paul billygraham Reang

Hello Friends, I am Paul billygraham Reang CEO and Founder of ChromeTechny Networks Pvt. Ltd. company. I started blogging since 7th June, 2013 and took blogging as my full time career.
Apart from blogging I love visiting new places, listening musics, reading motivational books and talking to those peoples who wants to do something big in their life.


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    • Hi Aksay,
      Yes it is sufficient to increase your rank and DA PA but make sure that the dofollow links do add value to your post. Target high authority links, also taking care of relevancy of links with each other. It will be extremely helpful for you.
      Best Regards

    • Hi Yogesh.
      The DA PA can keep fluctuating and its not a constant thing, if you stop adding value to your site with proper balance in terms of regular quality post update, or lesser social shares, or lesser backlink built before the update compared to before. These factors can lead to such results, no worries it should be fine in the next update just you push your site little more.
      Best Regards

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