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Top 5 Best Facebook Messenger Alternative Apps!

Top Facebook Messenger Alternative Apps

Among the social networking services, Facebook is one of the best social media sites. It has a number of registered users from all over the world and the count goes to millions. For a while, you might be wondering, what is the necessity of using the Facebook messenger alternative android app? Well, you may not know that the official Facebook Messenger app developed for connecting people on Facebook is not well appreciated, by the users around the world. As it drains your battery power consuming lots of energy and eats your phone memory and data in a large amount. We have come up with a list of the best Facebook Messenger Alternative Apps. These apps will avoid all the disadvantages that you have faced while using the Facebook Messenger app on your Android phone.

Facebook Messenger Alternative apps

Using the best alternatives of Facebook Messenger apps on your phone, you will not face any data or battery drainage problems. Now make your social networking more fun to use and perform the Facebook activities, comparatively faster than ever. Save you data consumption, time and energy at the same time using the alternatives apps of Facebook Messenger.

List of 7 Best Facebook messenger Alternative Apps:

1: Facebook Lite:

Facebook lite Messenger alternative

Facebook Lite is perhaps the best Facebook Messenger alternative app that one must have. It is one of the official apps developed by Facebook which comes in a light size. The file size of the app is less than 2 MB and run very smoothly in any Smartphone. Stay connected with your friends in Facebook using Facebook Lite. This app works very well even in 2G internet connectivity. The app introduces most of the classic features into it, like sharing posts on your timeline or liking pictures and lots more. Just like the Facebook Messenger app, you can send text messages or use emojis and stickers. Turn on the chat or turn off and get the notifications of inbox when you receive a text from your friend.

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2: Metal for Facebook and Twitter:

metal for Facebook alternative

Metal for Facebook and Twitter is a must app for your Android phone. It is well designed with simple user interface layouts. This app is very light in size and unique in its look. Log onto Facebook and browse it at a lighting fast speed and lots more. Saves unnecessary drainage of battery power and get the notifications or floating windows and themes as well. View into the text messages and check out the new feed on your Facebook account. It is free from unnecessary ads and comes with full-screen mode browsing options.

3: Mini for Facebook – Mini FB:

mini Facebook messenger alternative

Mini for Facebook is a perfect replacement app for you when your device gets slows down from the use of the Facebook Messenger app. It is designed with a stylish user interface along with the slide menu and lots of features too. This app works well on active internet connections like 3G and 4G data network. Mini FB also allows you to download videos and images to your Smartphone. Identify the name with details of the unknown caller just after you receive calls from them. Help your device to conserve energy, in the process save your battery from getting drained. Lock in your Facebook with the inbuilt security feature of the app.

4: Lite Messenger for Facebook:

lite messenger alternative

Lite Messenger for Facebook performs two main functions of Facebook. One is it let you do all the things that you can do with the Facebook app, the other is that it allows you to send text messages too. From chatting option also you can make a video call along with your friends and then send funny or sad emotions. Browse the news feed, check your time or pass comments on your friend’s statuses. Turn on the notification to make sure that you don’t miss anything from your Facebook account. Lite Messenger for Facebook allows you to send photos and download them to your phone too. This is one of the best Facebook Messenger Alternative Apps.

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5: Puffin for Facebook:

puffin Facebook messenger alternative

Puffin for Facebook is packed up with so many unique features. The compression technology used in building the app reduces the data consumption, saving your data 3 times more in comparison with the Facebook app. It comes with a built-in browser, which is scarily fast and that ultimately saves your data and time as well. Browse through your Facebook newsfeed with better image quality along with refining image function. You can also find the full support reactions of the emoticons in puffin for Facebook app, which make it fun to use.

6: Fast:

Facebook messenger alternative

Fast is a powerful client and a perfect replacement of Facebook messenger in your phone. It gives you a wonderful experience of social networking of Facebook. This app works as a Facebook reader allowing you to read all the happenings on your news feed and timeline. Chat with your favorite people and closed ones and use the security pin to avoid unwanted access. It features the deep user interface customization options, and you can also watch the latest videos from YouTube using the fast App. Apart from having a conversation in chat and reading the news feed. Update your Facebook status or upload photos and videos and download them too.

7: Friendly for Facebook:

Alternative of Facebook messenger

Friendly for Facebook is a great Facebook Messenger Alternative Apps. It brings so many benefits to the user as it saves you battery, very simple and safe to use. Take total control of your Facebook newsfeed by checking the most recent activities and then filtering the feed using keywords. Set a security passcode using Facebook inbuilt finger lock in the app. You can create a colorful theme of your own and also customize the font size as well. Facebook user can switch between multiple accounts quite fast. If you happen to like any videos on your news feed of Facebook then you can download it with Friendly for Facebook app.

Choose and install any of these apps by today from the list of the best Facebook Messenger alternative apps. Enjoy the messaging world of Facebook faster than ever, simply no more worries about the data consumption and memory storage location. These apps have quite a small size and let any Facebook user store and use them in their Smartphone. This alternative Facebook Messenger app is the right choice for your device, they are absolutely free to use and available for download from Google Play Store.

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