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Change Facebook Homepage Login Screen: Attractive

How many times you have seen different Facebook Homepage Login Screens? Maybe 2 or 3. Right?

There are different kinds of Facebook Login Screens, which are different in desktop/laptop, mobile, app and in lighter browsers too. Facebook is one of the biggest social networking websites today, so the login screen or homepage screen of it should be nice too. Current login and homepage screen of Facebook is quite unique from other social networking websites with a blue theme and easy sign-up and login section. Usually they display ads on homepage when a user signs out or very rarely at the time of login. Very few Facebook users knows this that the homepage and login page of Facebook is different at each place (it depends on your current location). There are some login pages too which fears a user that they have reached a wrong login page :P Yes it true!


Facebook Login/Welcome Page

To access Facebook use the following official link below.

Official Website:

Page Official Facebook:

Beware of Facebook Login Pages (Phishing Pages)

Now a days phishing is spreading like fire in forest :D

But you don’t have to worry because I am on rescue. Just keep in mind that the official and original Facebook page is other sites with same Facebook page are either scam or phishing websites made to steal your personal data.

It looks like Facebook homepage may not be Facebook. So check the link very well- you are advised.

Your mobile page might be optimized to show you the mobile homepage, if you use the Facebook app you might not see the homepage, even if you attempt to login with the mobile browser. Always check to ensure you are doing the right thing, if it is not by Facebook then it is not Facebook.

To be safe check URL of page each time you visit it.

I Can’t Login To My Facebook Page – Solution

There will be many times when you have faced or you will face a problem to open Facebook’s homepage. It can be because your ISP (Internet Service Provider) have blocked your IP to access it or it can be just because your home or office administrator have blocked your system to use it.So if you are facing the same problem, they you will have to find a way to bypass this protocol. But chill. You don’t have to find it. I had already done it :D

First of all you have to clear the cache of your browser and try logging in again.I will recommend you to have another browser installed rather than the current one you are using to logging in.You can use the best browsers available over the internet. If this doesn’t work then locate the history and clear it or you can also try to reinstall the browser.

If your system is blocked by the administrator, you can use or to bypass admin block.

If none of the above points works for you, you can contact some expert to resolve this issue because I am not an expert though. :P


How to Change Facebook Login Screen In Google Chrome

Many people asked me about “How to change Facebook Login Screen”. So here is the anwer.

  • First of all downloadFB Refresh Extension from Google Chrome Store.
  • After downloading and adding FB Refresh Extension to your chrome, go to chrome setting à
  • You will find FB Refresh Extension there, just click on options below it.
  • On the left sidebar, you will see an option of Themes. Click on that to choose themes. After clicking on Themes.

After clicking on Themes, you will be able to see many themes.

Choose any one from them and apply settings.

After this each time when you will visit Facebook, you will see that theme which you have applied from FB Refresh Extension.

Check out: How to invite all Facebook friends to a event or fan page.

Final Words

This is it what I have for you in this post. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding Facebook Homepage Login Screen Info and about the Trick To Change Facebook Login Screenthen kindly ask your questions or contribution using the comment box below.

If you have any doubts or questions please ask via comments

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