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Eye Witness Speaks Out The Real Facts Between Kapil & Sunil’s Conflict

Kapil and Sunil argument

The report from eyewitness will definitely make you feel pity about Sunil Grover. A buzzing fight between these two comedians is now more questionable for its fans. A report is claiming that Kapil Sharma allegedly assaulted Sunil Grover, who is mostly popular as Dr. Mashoor Gulati, Rinku Bhabhi and Guthi. Now many reports say he might exit their popular show, and also his recent reply to Kapil Sharma hints he is saying bye to The Kapil Sharma Show.

In reports, Kapil Sharma assaulted Sunil Grover verbally and physically in air, while they are returning from Australia live event on Friday Night. Till now there is only news from an anonymous report but in a recent interview of an eyewitness revealed what exactly happened that moment.Kapil and Sunil conflicts

A lot has been talked, discussed and shared about this controversial about Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover’s incident. Many rumours still in people’s mind that Sunil Grover will exist the Kapil Sharma Show. And even Novjot Singh Sidhu to quit this show was in the news.

Hindustan Times revealed about this incident, exploring the matter of fact about that night. A fellow passenger of that plan mentioned about the moment when Kapil Sharma misbehave with his co-stars. Here are the more updates on this incident from an eyewitness of that incident.

Reportedly, Kapil Sharma yelled on his co-stars for taking dinner in his absence. That time Kapil was taking alcohol, and after dinner served by crews, the team started eating dinner. And that made Kapil so furious and yelled at them.

He reportedly yelled, “Jab maine khaana shuru nahi kiya toh tum logo ne kaise le liye khaana?” Eyewitness says Kapil returned dinner tray to the crew. He wasn’t in the mood to calm down. All he wanted to say that how his co-stars can have dinner without him, which makes the scene worse after that.

Sunil tried to make him calm, but Kapil continued to scold them with foul language. In a report, Kapil also pushes Sunil’s collar when he said not to create any scene in front of all (passengers). And also slapped him that time, he was so loud and was so drunk. After that, he said to his co-stars, “Tum logo ko maine banaya hai. Sabka career khatam kar dunga. Tum TV wale kya samajhte ho? Sabko nikal dunga.”

Relating Sunil Grover he poked with his harsh talk for leaving The Comedy Nights With Kapil. He said, “gaya tha na tu toh. Aya na waapas mere hi paas.” Definitely, this incident will hurt him and his co-stars and this is why he replied to Kapil Sharma after Kapil’s several apologies on Facebook and Twitter.

Even the crew warned him they would have to call the security if he doesn’t stop. He didn’t stop and kept insulting his co-stars and including Sunil Grover. Kapil said, “arey yeh log samajhte kya hai. In sabka career meri waja se hai.”

Well, after this disrespecting act from Kapil Sharma made all his co-stars sad. As there reports that Sunil, Ali Asgar and Chandan Prabhakar are leaving The Kapil Sharma Show. If this happens, many of its fans think the show TRP will go down, as most of The Kapil Sharma Show fans watch for Dr. Mashoor Gulati.

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