Expectation from Roadies X5 Episode 19 After Jibran Kicked out for Harassing
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Expectation from Roadies X5 Episode 19 After Jibran Kicked out for Harassing

On 3rd June 2016, MTV Roadies Rising X5 coming with the new episode 18 and having new surprises for the Warriors. There was a wild card entry from the Ex-Roadies contestant- Jagriti & Jabrin.

The Ruling gang- Prince team got the first chance to pick the contestant to include in the gang. And Prince’s team member was low in Number and seeking for strength, he chose Jibran.

But it was the later has become one of his worse decision to include Jibran. Read to the fullest to know more about it.

Why Jibran Kick-out of the show: MTV Roadies Rising X5

While, in the meantime, Jagriti the Ex-Roadies contestant is again asked to sent by ruling gang leader, Prince. But there is a condition that he cannot include them again on the team after Jibran. And Prince quickly decided to send her in Nikhil’s gang as their members are too less in number compared to other gangs.

Soon the process for Vote out was started, where it was Double Vote out day. All the warriors in grief and start their voting for the two name who would leave or be eliminated from the show in the elimination round.

And just the result was going to be announced by Gaelyn, Sweta interrupted the procedure. Sweta claimed that she have some very important thing to talk and discuss the matter of getting harassed by a male contestant in the show.

All the Gang Leader shocked for a moment! and Sweta reveals that Jibran who just enter the show as wild card entrant have misbehaved and made uncomfortable. She told the gang leaders and other that Jibran came enter into Sweta’s Room without permission. And he started playing with the light where Sweta was staying, he turns off and turns on the light continuously making her very unpleasant.

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What Jibran Said to the Show

Jibran continues to explain to the people that it was a fun act and there is no bad intention for harming anyone. But his excuse was not tolerated by the gang leaders and Ranvijay spoke: “why would someone enter into a female tent to play the prank”.

Jibran apologizes but Neha yells in anger, that such activity is very unpleasant and would not be accepted in a popular TV show like MTV Roadies. Finally, Nikhil is too disgusted with Jibran acts and his nuisance excuses.

Nikhil said to Jibran that Jibran is the living example of Rape Culture. Nikhil immediately tells Jibran to get out of the show.

On the other hand, Gaelyn also asked to the rest of the Female contestant that does Jibran have also made any other contestant uncomfortable with his perverted attitude.

Then Khusnuma has also revealed a pathetic incident done to her by Jibran. Finally, Prince could not take Anymore and he dashed toward Him but unfortunately, Ranvijay stopped him. Prince claimed that there is no place for such disgusting contestant in Roadies.

Jibran tries to act innocent and showing that he fainted in the midst of a discussion. But all the gang leader and warriors know that was totally unworthy. And finally, after Jibran got his consciousness, Gaelyn finally claimed in the history of Roadies nothing such activity has been observed nor it should be tolerated in present or future.

So with all agreements, Jibran is asked to leave the show right there. Jibran Beg for another chances but Prince ordered his warrior to take the person out of the stage immediately. Baseer and Varun took him out while again Jibran got unconscious to show off that he is not guilty. And finally, Jibran sent out of the show.

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Roadies Rising Next Episode 19

Well, after the kicking out Perverted Jibran from the show now it is time for the double vote out. Two warriors will be out of the show who were having the highest vote outs. And the final decision was- Mandeep and Vetpal. Mandeep who was Neha’s warrior and also one of the strongest warriors in the gang have been voted out of the show. Neha fills with tear as Mandeep went out of the show.

For the coming episode 19, more actions will be observed. Since Jibran have been eliminated out due to disgusting reason and this have also made a better empowerment for the girl’s warrior. So next episode will be more interesting coming with more exciting.

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