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10 Expectation From Nokia Mobile By Indian Customers

expectation from nokia mobile

Nokia as a brand has won many hearts over the last decade by meeting up to the customer expectation. What expectation from Nokia Mobile Phones do you have? But as an Indian customer tries to find more value to money in different products, Nokia still has to work their way into matching with modern customers expectation. Therefore, let us go a few step back and look at the Nokia’s first model.

When Nokia mobile phones were first launched, people went crazy worldwide. This is because of its first Nokia brand mobile phone which had features that every Indian customer was expecting to see in a phone. As a result, Consumers loved the features of Nokia phones.

expectation from nokia mobile

People loved Nokia phones because of its excellent battery backup as well as because of its durability. However, because of Nokia’s low performance, Nokia has been lacking in the sales service.

But this is not the real fact anymore. With new latest Nokia smartphones coming to life, there is no word like low performance. Let us take a look at the 10 expectation from Nokia mobile by Indian Customers.

Indian Customers – 10 Expectation From Nokia Mobile:

We have seen or heard so many news about any Nokia Phones New Launching Smartphones and also some disappointments by many customers. Let us just leave them apart and speak about what common man wish to expect from Nokia mobiles especially the Indian.

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As the new tech world is advancing, the answers might not be the way you seems it to be, but speaking about as a whole Indian, here are the answers:

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#1. Lasting Battery Life:

Yes, this is one of the main features that Indians usually expect from Nokia phones. Even I  would love the phone if the battery lasts for more than two days. As a result, even if your phone has an excellent feature and the battery runs down then it’s of no use.

There might be an app to boost your battery level but this will not last long if the battery has less power. Therefore, it would be convenient if the battery would be more than 4000 mAh for Nokia smartphones.

For example, let us speak about the olden days Nokia 1100, that was just awesome experience when my dad bought it. Every one of us in the family were so overwhelmed with the battery performance. I was playing whole night the Snakes game still, the battery lasts long.

This is something most of the people also wish the latest Nokia mobile to have the same battery life like the olden times.

#2. Durability:

The second option is durability, for example, you are using the new latest iPhone 7 and it suddenly slips from your pocket. How will you react? There may have some damages on the screen or some scratches which are quite disappointing. Preferably, there are protective cases to protect the phone but it hardly comes in handy. As a result, Indians have different thinking and expects that Nokia is much better in durability.

The expectation from Nokia Mobile is increasing day by day by the consumers. People wants such a phone that are scratchproof, handy and strong. Hence, I am very much eager to experience the new Legendary Nokia 3310 released with improved features. 

#3. Price Factor:

The third option is the Price Factor that is expected of course. Whatever features are available on the Smartphone, Indians first and foremost wants to check out the price. The consumers mostly want such smartphones that are on a budget. So basically, if you are getting all the good features in a budget phone then why should one grab costly smartphones. That’s a logic mind Indian people usually have. In some or the other way, they are also right.

#4. Display Size:

The moment you get a mobile phone, the display is the first thing that you look forward to. In fact, one cannot neglect the screen size. Especially the Nokia Phones from the simple low budget to high budget smartphones, there was poor performance of the screen size.

So, therefore, being an Indian, I too wish for a clear and better screen size expectation from Nokia mobile phones approximately between 4.5 – 5.5 screen size max.

#5. Good Camera:

Can the Nokia brand mobile camera be replaced with more better quality? This is because clicking pictures and posting have become a common trend among the Indians and even all over the world. Therefore, a common man always wants more advanced camera specifications.

And it is not necessary to be a professional photographer, even random customer wants a good image quality for visual search. Especially when you own a good quality primary camera and a front facing camera for selfies above 5 megapixels then that would be mindblowing. If you wish to get more apps on your phone then you can get help from SmartPhone Widgets Apps.

#6. Excess Storage Space:

Do you sometimes face the problem storage space? Yes, I know we do lack. Normally, smartphone usually ranges from 16-32 gigabytes of storage. But for example, the models like Nokia 130 do not support more than 32 GB storage which is a big disappointment. Consumers will be more satisfied if the storage space were increased. However, if you are planning to buy a costly smartphone then you can also go for cloud storage.

#7. Recharging Wireless:

We are so lazy even to plug in the charger. This is one of the laziest tasks, Am I right?

So most of the common man prefers if Nokia would launch more phones with wireless charging. Apart of that if a fast charging facility is available then that would have been an excellent performance.This is the expectation from Nokia mobile by Indian Customers.

#8. Operating System:

Apparently, Nokia has windows operating system but consumers expected better performance. For example, even in low budget smartphones if Android OS rules the platform then that would have been a different world. No one would have bought any other cell phones than Nokia. And suppose if your phone hangs then start using, clean master. 

#9. Processors:

Speaking about the processors, iPhone 7 has the latest A10 Fusion chip. You can say iPhone 7 has one of the fastest processing speed even when compared to the latest process suitable for Android. So, even the consumers are expecting a high-performance processor in Nokia mobile phones. If that is available then nothing can stop Nokia phones to be on the top list.

#10. Design and Quality:

For safety and security, many people buy hard cases and back covers which make the phone bulky. As a result what happens is, you cannot see the design of the phone. Apart of that, the phone must be good quality externally. However, if we get slimmer phones in Nokia then that would be appreciating.

Just like the first launched Nokia model 1100, the latest mobile phones must have its features. I still remember how the massive 1100 model rocks with its durability and power. If the customers get the same performance like Nokia 1100 then the world will just support only Nokia phones. Just like the newly launched New Nokia 6 with an unbreakable aluminum body, consumers want the same specifications in all the Nokia Phones.

expectation from nokia mobile by indian customers

Do you also have more expectation from Nokia mobile? If, yes then let us discuss together by commenting below. Actually, these expectations also will bring more awareness to develop the Nokia phones. So if you have more suggestions and things to discuss then let me know.

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