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“err_ssl_protocol_error”- Steps To Fix It

err_ssl_protocol_error fix  is a common problem, that can occur anytime, if you are a regular Google Chrome user. To fix err_ssl_protocol_error you can find the guide below. And due to the fact that this error can be caused due to a various reason on your browser. Such issues on your browser can be irritating and frustrating for continuous browsing.


So now if you are facing the same problem with err_ssl_protocol_error fix then don’t worry. Today I got a simple yet effective way through which you can easily solve this issue.

So let’s get started with few easy steps on how you can easily deal with an err_ssl_protocol_error fix .

Quick Guide On err_ssl_protocol_error fix :

  • Try deleting the System Host Files for err_ssl_protocol_error fix :

To delete the host files all you need to do is simply follow this directory.


If you are facing problem while deleting the host then, right click on the host file and go to properties followed by a click on the security tab edit button and select all the allow columns.

  • Clearing the SSL State for err_ssl_protocol_error fix :

To continue with this option you will need to go to Control panel and click on the Internet option (If you are unable to locate it then simple click on the top right corner View by option and click on large icon).

Then, you will need to click on the Content tab option and again click on the Clear SSL state button and OK.

  • Setting The Security Level for err_ssl_protocol_error fix :

If you using a higher security level to block certain websites in your browser then this may be the reason for this error. So what you need to do is change the security settings to Medium level to help your browser run smoothly and in the process to stop encountering the err_ssl_protocol_error .

And if you are still facing the problem, then what you can do is you can simply go to your browser and disable the Chrome QUIC Protocol.

Now to do that you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Chrome browser.
  2. Copy and paste the below code into the browser’s address bar.


Now select the disable button and in the drop-down menu and simply restart your chrome browser.

And that is it; this is how simple it is to solve an err_ssl_protocol_error.

Hope this article was informational for you and also helped you with solving this issue of an err_ssl_protocol_error fix. And if you are still facing any further problems then subscribe and stay connected with us for further updates on an err_ssl_protocol_error fix.

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