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How To Enable Comments in WordPress When Its Closed?

Hi, Today I am going to talk about the simple blog settings in your WordPress to enable your comments. This hardly takes your precious two minute settings. In my social media community I always keep on getting similar questions around from new WordPress Users. Hence, I decided to come up with complete Tutorial on how to Enable Comments in WordPress.

Number of WordPress users is increasing more day by day, where without tutorial and guidance everyone cannot make it. Comment is one of the most important part of your blog which leads your blog to another level.

Take a min time think about it, if your blog post have no users discussing on the topic you talked about.

If your Users are participating in comment sections asking you more about same topic/ discussing more about same topic among different users.

This takes your blog post to another level, I would not say discussion is everything that takes blog post to next level. But it can certainly increase users time spending on it more making it more interesting and impressive.

How To Enable Comments in WordPress?

Follow Step by Step Guide To enable your comment below:

1. Completely New WordPress Blog:

If you are setting up on brand new blog it would be very easy for you, you just need to make single settings on WordPress.

**Step 1:

Go To WordPress Dashboard<< Settings << Discussion << Follow Below Given Screen Shot.

Enable Closed comment in WordPress

After you make similar settings all your comment section will be open and work properly.  But your settings will change on your upcoming post not on your already published Post. If you are looking to change settings on your existing articles also you must follow the below given steps 2 guide after applying the first step Given above.

For Existing WordPress Users To be Followed After applying above given steps:

**. Step 2:

Second step is very easy to be done.

Go to Your Dashboard << All Post << Quick Edit << Allow Comment<< Update!!Done.

This is a step to be done manually, using the same step you can manually close comments for any particular post.

Hope this guide helps you.

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If You still have any doubts please ask via comment I would reply to your queries quickly.

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