Complete guide for Facebook on How to Embed Facebook Videos and post on website. Facebook is very popularly used & widely used worldwide for personal and commercial use. But about there are many new features getting updated at Facebook, using which we can explore our Facebook account in a wider sense. Facebook is one of the popularly used platform by billions of users which includes lots of internet marketers. Facebook is always an good option for marketing your blogs or whether the sole motive is too put something viral. Hence, it can be used as a vital source for publicity, by now Facebook is having huge list of videos, funny posts and important post.

On such situations, you can use the post or video directly from the Facebook by embedding the post. Now, if you are an web master or blogger and want to use the post as an source in your article you can directly embed the post which users can use for directly taking actions, and you don’t have to use pictures anymore.

How To Embed Facebook Video, Post & Images step by step Guide:

Here are some of the steps how to embed video from Facebook easily:

  • Choose a URL:

Take the URL of the video from Facebook that you want to embed.

  • Code Configuration:

Now place the URL in the code configuration in order to get the code. Click on the get button code to embed the video in your website.

  • Copy and paste the HTML:

Copy and paste the HTML in your website destination.

Example of Full Code:

Copy and paste the code to your website and always adjust the value data-herf  to your video URL. You can also control the player size by using the attribute data-width.

Embed facebook videos and pictures


The above configurator has not included all of the possible settings of the embedded video. Now you can change the following settings:

Settings to embed facebook videos and pictures

Configuration Example:

Configuration of embed facebook videos and pictures

Getting Code from the video Post:

  1. Navigate your Video post: If you want to embed the video that is posted public then you can get the code by clicking the menu option and then on embed the video option or while playing the video in the full screen you can embed the video by clicking the embed video in the right bottom of the screen.Embed Facebook Video on blog
  2. Copying and pasting the code: After clicking on embed video option from the menu option, you will see dialog appearing with the code of a video to be embedded. You can now copy and paste the code in your website to embed the video.

Copy paste to embed facebook video

You can also add the code manually with your own wish. If you are to give your own code manually then you can follow the given steps below:

Add code manually:

  1. Get the video post URL:

First of all, you will need to take the URL of the video that you want to embed in your website and the video must be public, which will be indicated by the grey sign near the post.

  1. Load Java Script SDK:

In order to use the embed the video plugin in the website, you will require the Java Script of Facebook in your website.  You will load the SDK right after the opening of the body tag.                                                                        Embed Facebook video or pictures

  1. Place the embedded Video player tag:

Place the embedded video tag  anywhere in the site. Also, replace the video site with your post URL.

  1. Testing:

After completing those steps, you can start the checking process. The integration will look like the picture given below.

Embed facebook video and pictures

You can do the above following for embedding videos or pictures from Facebook to your site. This steps are easy and some of the steps may be hard but this all you need to do in order to embed video or images from Facebook that is publicly shared. I all hope is that article have helped you a lot in embedding the video’s from Facebook. Thanks for reading the article and enjoy embedding videos or images from Facebook in your website.

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