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Why Should You Drink Carrot Juice: Amazing Benefits And Its Recipe

carrot juice benefits

Drinking carrot juice every day is good for overall development of our health. In fact, for this reason, my parents forces me to eat lots of carrots. This bright orange vegetable is filled with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Potassium and antibacterial properties that improve many health issues. This vegetable is easily found in the markets and usually mixed in many curries or dressed as salads. But instead of mixing in the curries, it is best to be eaten raw.

carrot juice benefits

Instead of cooking or mixing in your curries, you can enjoy its goodness of vitamins and nutrients by making carrot juice(Gajar Ka Ras). If you are not convinced with me then get surprised with the amazing health benefits.

Amazing Carrot Juice Health Benefits:

Carrot juices have surprising benefits for your health. To know in details here are the advantages:

carrot salad

 Full of Antioxidants:

Carrots contain beta-carotene that usually has lots of antioxidants. Not only that, it also slows down aging which makes your skin wrinkle free. They also flush out all the toxins present in our body. This helps to overcome many serious diseases.

Contains Vitamin A:

Carrots contain Vitamin A that helps for good vision. As I have said above that carrots contain beta-carotene that when consumed turns into Vitamin A. Without the proper amount of Vitamin A people tends to lose vision as well as suffer from night blindness. Hence, one must consume vegetables or fruits that contain VitaminA, for example, carrots, melons, pumpkins, etc.

For Skin Glow:

The antioxidants and potassium that are present in carrots are useful for glowing skin. Carrot helps to degenerate your dead cells. As a result, drinking carrot juice every day can give you flawless smooth skin that keeps you young & beautiful. This is the reason carrots are useful for glowing skin. And also, you do not need to worry about dry skin or rough skin because carrot will always be there for you. Alternatively, if you are focusing just on getting glowing skin then go for How To Get Glowing Skin For A Super Quick Glamorous Look.

Carrot Juice Fights Cancer:

Carrots contain anticancer properties that help to fight against any type of cancer. For example, after getting all the foods digested, waste do remain inside your body. This tends to gets spreading causing cancer cells. Therefore, eating carrots or drinking Gajar Ka Ras helps to prevent from all those bacteria.

Good For Heart Patient:

Physical fitness is very much necessary for our health and can you tell me who does not want to be physically active. As this carrot contains antioxidants and a lot of fiber, it helps for a heart patient with smooth blood circulation. As a result, you also must get a proper sleep along with drinking the miracle vegetable.

Controls Blood Sugar Level and Cholesterol:

Carrot juice is very good for controlling the cholesterol level. Moreover, the vitamins and nutrients found in carrots also help you to control blood sugar level. As carrot contains low sugar and low calories, thus controls Diabetes. So if you are also one of the diabetic patients then drink or eat carrots every day.

Note: Make a note that 100 grams of carrot juice contain: 39 calories, 292 mg Potassium, 66 mg Sodium, 3.9 gm sugar, 0.8 Dietary Fiber, 1 gm Protein etc. It also contains 33% of Vitamin A, 5% Vitamin B6 and also 9% Vitamin C.

Now let us proceed on Preparing Carrot Juice Recipe

carrot juice recipe

How to Prepare Carrot Juice???

Consuming raw carrot is tasteless but when mixed or blend as a juice then it’s quite refreshing. Note down the recipes:


  • 5-6 fresh carrots
  • 1-2 glasses of cold or chilled water
  • Few drops of lime
  • Sugar as needed


  • First, you need to gather 5-6 raw carrots, wash them properly and peel the skin with a peeler. Now cut the carrots into pieces.
  • Second, take all the sliced carrots and keep them in a blender or juicer. Now add the cold water along with sugar. Remember that an amount of sugar can be as requirements. Turn the juicer ON.
  • For 3-4 minutes blend the juice until it turns smooth.
  • Thirdly, when it is completely ready strain the juice and pour them in a glass.
  • There you go, it’s so simple and ready. Now instead of lemon, you can also add orange or apple juice.
  • Now finally serve it as you like. Below is the video tutorial…..

Thus, carrot juice is refreshing and good for health. But when you combine this refreshing drink along with lemon, apple, pineapple, oranges etc then it has beautiful taste. However, instead of eating raw or drinking simple juice mixing with other fresh fruits bring up a new taste. Drink the juice regularly to overcome various diseases. Also along with this juice you can also drink Pomegranate Juice

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