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Download Wechat for Android – Latest Version

Wechat for Android was first released on the year 2011 for messaging, sending photos, voice message and small length videos. This app was first released for Android phone but later on it was released for all types of phone like IOS, Windows, Symbian and Blackberry, all together the app has earn many believe of the users and became the most famous messaging app in the market. Today we will learn to Download Wechat for Android, features of Wechat etc.

Wechat Messenger app

Download Wechat for Android is not so difficult but many might not know how to download Wechat in their Android phone. You may think what is the advantage of using Wechat in your Android phone? I will say that there is many profit of using Wechat in Android Phone because you will be getting many features on using Wechat app in their android phone. But before knowing all the features that will be given to you on using the app lets know some history of Wechat.

Beginning of Wechat App:

Wechat has first began its journey in China at Tencent Gungazhou research and project centre on 2010. Then after a long research and development the first Wechat version has launched in the market, the exact name of the app on that time was “weixin” which was named by Ma Huateng who is also CEO of Tencent. Weixin was invented successfully by Xiaolong Zhang.


The title was renamed on 2012 to Wechat as it was going for international marketing in all over the world. From that time Wechat has been attracting users more and more and by 2015 it has reached to some 600 million users which is a very much quick growth for a company.

Features of Wechat:

The first edition of Wechat app was not having that much features but on that time Wechat was giving more features than any other messaging app. This Time there were many updates in the app and many researches has been done for how to make the app better so that it stay in the above position even in the tough competition of the market. So now the new version of Wechat app is holding many features in t like:

  1. You can share up the moments with your group, friends circle. In moments you can share photos, music videos etc. also article and you can like and comment the momens you have shared. Don’t worry only your friend list will be able to see the moment you shared but if you want to share the same moment in Facebook then you can link the moment in your Facebook account.
  2. Wechat also allows you to send an instant message. Instant message contains like voice message, text message, videos, pictures, stickers and emojis etc. You share all this with your friend within some trace of time. You can also share your current location to your mates.
  3. The new version of Wechat also facilitates with money transfer facility by the help of which you can transfer money to many electronics bill but the only difficulty with this facility is that you can only send money in the limited continent like Europe, Southeast Asia, Oceania and North America.
  4. The main thing that the new version Wechat app is holding is that it is now giving new users to create public accounts, which means you can update status and it will be seen to all the Wechat users. This is literally meant for business so that they can pose their updates and vacancies in Wechat too. But it has been seen that it was about 8 millions who created Public accounts.
  5. In Wechat you can also add friend but the app is providing us many ways to add friends. We can add friends by our contacts and email ID, you can also search friend who is using Wechat nearby you. In the year 2015 Wechat has given a new feature named Friend Radar to search friend nearby you.

So now there is no doubt present in you I guess because Wechat has so many useful features in itself that you won’t be able to stop yourself to Download Wechat for Android and use it regularly.

Steps to Download Wechat for Android:

Downloading Wechat for Android is not so difficult, you can download Wechat app for android from your Play store. Downloading Wechat for Android phone from your Play store is easy.

The first thing you need to do is to find out the app in the play store and open the app and click on the install button, now the app will start installing in your android phone and now you will need to wait for some time until it shows a pop up message showing that your downloading has successful. Finally you can open the app in the menu of your Android phone and can use Wechat successfully in your Android Phone with its lots of useful features.

Download Wechat for Android

If you are not having a good play store then you can use any browser and go to the Wechat official site and start downloading by clicking on the download options present in the site. After sometime after successfully completing the download the APK file will be stored in the file manager. Now before installing go to the setting of your phone and go to security and enable the Unknown Sources for installing the third party app. Then go to the partition where Wechat APK file is stored and click on the APK file and install the app.

Both the steps are easy isn’t, you can go with any of the steps both the steps are good in each case and there is no other negative reviews for this steps.

This was all about Download Wechat for Android where I have shared with you all how to install Wechat for Android and enjoy the interesting features which comes inbuilt in the Wechat messenger app. I know you are now eager to install Wechat app in your android phone and want to enjoy the style of messaging differently from others. I will suggest to please go proceed and use Wechat messenger app every thing is good enough in the app.

I hope this have helped you a lot in knowing more about the most used messaging app (Wechat) and clarifiying your doubts. If I have clarified you about Wechat  or if you are having any problems during installing the app in your respective phone then you can straight away share with me in the comment box below. Thank you for reading see you again with another interesting article soon.

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