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Top 7 Best vShare Alternatives for iOS

vshare alternatives for ios

Best vShare Alternatives – vShare is an app that is a platform for free obtaining many premium apps in your device without jailbreak (for iOS) or root (for Android). There is a whole collection of iOS apps in this app, which can be installed and that too, absolutely for free of cost.

vShare is the ultimate source of having the very best apps from iOS into your iOS devices, without the necessity to pay any amount of money.

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This is the ultimate solution to obtain the premium apps for free that are not found in the most common platforms like the App Store on iOS devices and the Google PlayStore in Android devices.

There are some other efficient app markets providing the same facility like vShare. These app portals can be used as vShare Alternatives.

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Top 7 Best vShare Alternatives for iOS

I have assembled some of the best vShare Alternatives here. You can freely get their apk apps. No Jailbreak or Root is required.

1: AppCake

AppCake is one of the best sources for getting the premium apps for free without jailbreaking the device. The AppCake is one of the most preferred applications for getting all the favorite apps in iOS device. This app has it all, literally. The app is actually a cracked application store of iOS apps, from where free apps can be obtained.

2: AppAddict

Another app that deserves to be on this list is AppAddict. It surely is a very useful app when it comes to download apps. Like the previously mentioned AppCake, this too is an app store where multiple apps can be found, which doesn’t need any payment in order to obtain them. Neither does it requires any jailbreak/root in order to run in the device. It enhances the usage of the smartphone, as it allows you to install all your favorite apps from one place and that too for free. Isn’t that a great thing?

3: Aptoide

Aptoide is a very good app that I think, has every app that has ever been created. Every app is available in this application store. Also, those applications are found here which is not available in App Store or the Google PlayStore. The Aptoide contains a numerous collection of Android apps, which you could easily install on your Android and iOS devices easily. The Aptoide can be found on the internet and can be downloaded easily from the official website or from Google PlayStore itself.

Aptoide is perhaps the right place to find all the necessary and also the unnecessary apps. The app is a very useful tool when it comes to finding the right apps at a particular place.

4: Zeusmos

Zeusmos is a great alternative platform to vShare, as well as to the XCode. This app will let you to download numerous apps for free. Also, it also a great stuff for app-signing and coding. You may share your premium apps with friends and family for free install using Zeusmos.

5: iTongPush

The iTongPush is also a very good option when it comes to getting quality apps without rooting or jailbreaking any device. This is a good  vShare alternative but it consumes a lot more time comparing vShare.

6: HipStore

The HipStore is another place where you would find all your favorite apps at a place. The app store has a collection of numerous apps all gathered in one place. This is a very good thing to have such an app on your device, as it provides you a way to get all the favorite apps that you have always been wanted but certainly didn’t find in the app store of iOS devices neither in Google PlayStore.

7: 25PP

The 25PP is an app store for iOS apps. It is a Chinese app store, where you will find all the latest and old apps from the iOS app store without having the need of any jailbreak. The 25PP app store sure is full of Chinese contents, especially the language of the page, but it sure is a very helpful app when it comes to obtaining apps without jailbreaking. So, I would definitely say that the 25PP is a very good option for getting your preferred iOS apps.


So, these were my pick for the best Vshare alternatives available out there. These are very easy to use, only some of their procedure are dissimilar; otherwise all are very good in their respective placements. The apps are really great and very fun to use. Enjoy!

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  • Vshare is the best but in case of all these alternatives I have tried AppAddict lately and found this one to be a good app as many premium apps are available here for downloading especially my favourite games…….

    • Hi Riya,

      You certainly made the right move choosing AppAddict as it is a very efficient alternative to vShare.

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