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How to Download Torrent with IDM? | Simple And Easy Steps!

Download Torrent with IDM

BitTorrent is a medium to share large data and digital contents such as movies, TV shows, large music files, etc, by using P2P networks, the most popular Sharing option. Torrent files are nothing but an index which contains details about the BitTorrent files. Users often get confused with these terms and think it’s tough. But downloading BitTorrent files using IDM (Internet Download Manager) is not tough but a lengthy process.

Download Torrent with IDM

Here in this article, we have provided information about How to Download Torrent with IDM. So if you are confused with those terms and the process, read the article until the end and know about all the possible methods and their steps regarding downloading Torrent with IDM. All you need is to follow the simple steps as instructed below.

How to Download Torrent with IDM?

IDM (Internet Download Manager) is one of the best downloaders with so many features and tools needed for downloading. There might be any downloader better than IDM to download Torrent files. But as we have mentioned earlier, Torrent files are just a file containing details about the main file i.e. BitTorrent files. It is not possible to download the content using the Torrent. For this users must have the BitTorrent link. Once the users have the BitTorrent link, downloading them with IDM is very easy and simple.

Once you get the BitTorrent link, copy and paste it in the “Add URL” option of IDM and then search and download the desired content anywhere anytime.

How to Get the BitTorrent Site Link?

Well… Finding out the BitTorrent site link directly is not easy. But there are many ways to find them out. Here in this article, we have provided information about three internet tools that help the users to find out the BitTorrent site link. So keep reading to know about the three tools and steps to do the purpose.


Bitport is one of the most popular Torrent clients for providing safe and secure access to desired BitTorrent files. The best thing about Bitport is that it always provides safe downloading options for BitTorrent files by sharing the users’ IP addresses. There is nothing to worry about. Users will get access to 1 GB cloud storage for saving the files. Users can download the files if they want, else the contents can be watched by streaming online.

Apps to Download Torrent with IDM

Bitport offers both free and premium services for the users. Premium customers get access to more downloading options and cloud storages, whereas free users get limited cloud storage and limited downloading option. Now it is up to the users which one to choose.

How to Download Torrent with IDM using Bitport?

Downloading Torrent with IDM using Bitport is very easy, just follow the simple steps as mentioned below.

Steps to Follow:

  • Open your browser and browse to the official site of Bitport. (or users can click on the name)
  • Now click on the “Create an account”, fill up the form to create an account.
  • On new tab, log-in to your email id and verify.
  • Now copy and paste the Torrent link on URL box of Bitport. Wait for a while.
  • After processing, Bitport will provide the BitTorrent link which users can use to download the contents using IDM.


Filestream is another great tool for downloading Torrent files. It provides various features and facilities for the users for better experiences. The most interesting features of Filestream are storage for storing downloaded files, ability to download files from private Torrent trackers, unlimited download speed, SSL encryption, dedicated servers for maximum downloading speed and lots more. Filestream hides the users IP addresses for a safe and secured downloading option. other features and facilities are common to all.

App to Download Torrent with IDM

Like Bitport, Filestream also offers free services as well as premium services for the users with various facilities. Users can click the name to go to its official site and check the different plans.

How to Download Torrent with IDM using Filestream?

Downloading Torrent with IDM using Filestream is a lengthy process but not tough. So follow the easy and simple steps.

Steps to Follow:

  • First of all, browse to the official site of Filestream and sign-up with a valid email ID.
  • Then log-in to your email ID and verify the email ID by clicking the confirmation link.
  • Now copy and paste the link of the Torrent files to the dashboard. Wait for a while.
  • After that, Filestream will give the downloading link.
  • Copy and paste the downloading link on IDM and start downloading.

Premium customers can download the content right from the Filestream site. free customers can also download but the downloading speed will be very poor. So it is better to switch to IDM for free users.


Last but not the least, ZbigZ is another best online BitTorrent client which users can use to find out BitTorrent files and to download them. In this purpose, it offers various features and tools for the users for safe and secured Torrent downloading options. It also hides the IP address of the users. Apart from these, it allows the users to stream videos or music files right from the cloud storages provided by it.

App to get torrent wit IDM

Like Bitport and Filestream, Zbigz also provides free and premium services. There are many facilities for the premium customers. But free users can use the site for finding BitTorrent sites, then download them from IDM.

How to Download Torrent with IDM using ZbigZ?

Downloading Torrents using ZbigZ is the easiest way in comparison to others. It allows users to find BitTorrent files by copy and pasting the Torrent whether the users are registered or not doesn’t matter. But registered users will get more features for sure. now it is up to you.

So the steps to download Torrent with IDM using ZbigZ are mentioned below.

Steps to Follow:

  • First of all, open the browser and go to the official site of ZbigZ.
  • Create an account if you want. (creating an account will allow you to use more features)
  • Now copy and paste the torrent link and click Go.
  • The desired file will be downloaded to your account within minutes. Or it will give BitTorrent link if you are not a registered user.
  • If so, then copy and paste the BitTorrent link on IDM to download the files directly to your device storage.


These are ways to download torrent with IDM using the three different tools to locate the BitTorrent files as well as to download them. And all the methods are safe and secure but might be little slower if users use the free services option. So it would be better for the free users to use the tools just for locating the BitTorrent files, and then use IDM to download them. Hope the provided information has been of help to you.

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