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How To Download Movies Using uTorrent App On Android

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If you have been struggling to download movies on your Android Smartphone or Tab, I assure your struggle ends here. This complete tutorial will teach you how to download movies using uTorrent App on Android devices. I will also suggest you which torrent site should you rely on for uTorrent movies download.

We have been downloading movies from Torrent sites for years now. We are familiar with many convenient torrent clients and uToorent is one of the best. We have been using uTorrent on our PC or Mac computer.

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Keeping it cool with the demand, as the Smartphone took over the Tech market, uTorrent is now available for Smartphone and Tabs too.

There are many free Movie Apps for Android available. We also have many Free Movie Downloading Sites for Mobile and Tabs. However, uTorrent free movie download is something that we can't resist.

Downloading from Best Torrent Sites Using uTorrent has some undeniable Advantages too.

Advantages uTorrent Movies Download

Some of the biggest advantages we get while downloading movies from a Torrent site using uTorrent are as follows-

User Convenience: uTorrent is light in weight and its user interface is very simple. It is also easy to find torrent files using uTorrent.

Torrent Download Speed: Even with a poor network connection, uTorrent free movie download can be done in the fastest way.

Free Movie Download: While some of the Movie download sites requires for fees, downloading from torrent cost you nothing.

Quality Content: Though you can't play a movie before downloading it to check the picture quality, you can still monitor the file ratings, size, type, etc. These features help you to identify a quality content.

I hope these uTorrent advantages made some sense to convince you to download movies from uTorrent.

How to Download Movies Using uTorrent App on Android (Smartphone/Tab)

Torrent is a vast platform. You may get lost in it. You may get confused how and which site should you download movies from. There are many torrent sites, and each of them has a unique UI (User Interface).

So, if you haven't been using any of best torrent sites for a long time, you can rely on that particular site for uTorrent free movie download.

In case you don't have any certain site familiar with, you may use The Pirate Bay. It is a reliable website and the site is currently blocked in many countries including India.

However, there is a list of proxy provided by The Pirate Bay to bypass your blocked ISP. Now, check out how to download movies using uTorrent via The Pirate Bay.

Step 1: First of all, you will need to download and install uTorrent on your Android device.

  • Go to Google Play Store and search for uTorrent App.
  • Tap on "Install" button and follow the usual procedure to get the App installed.

Step 2: Once the uTorrent App is installed, open your device browser and search "The Pirate Bay."

Step 3: Now tap on the "" from the search result.

Step 4: Choose any of the proxies from the list. I suggest you choose from the top with "Very Fast" speed for High-Speed uTorrent movies download.

utorrent free download movies

Step 5: Once you bypassed using a proxy, you ay search for the movie title you wish to download. You may use the filter "All" or "Video" for movie contents.

utorrent free movie download

Step 6: Now a list of downloading links for your desired movie will show up. Check for your desired File Size, Resolution, File Type (Normal/3D), and tap on your preferred link.

download movies from utorrent

Step 7: On the next page, scroll down and navigate to "Download" button. Hit the "GET THIS TORRENT" button located under the "DOWNLOAD" button.

utorrent download free

Step 8: A pop-up window will ask you to choose your Download Location where your downloaded movie will be saved. Pick the location where you have a sufficient storage space and then tap on "Add" button.

Now, your desired movie will start downloading via uTorrent App. So this is how to download movies for free from the internet using a torrent magnet.

There is an another way to download movies from uTorrent. In case you have any known torrent site, it will be better for you to get uTorrent free movie download.  As I personally have been using The Pirates Bay, I have suggested you how to download movies using uTorrent from The Pirate Bay site.

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