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How to Download Instagram Videos on PC

Download Instagram Videos on PC

Instagram is the best social site where you can easily upload your videos, photos and watch other video posted by your friends as well. This is one of the most commonly used social sites all over the world, with lots of users uploading their photos and videos every now and then.

You can keep sharing all your favourite moments with your dear ones easily and constantly through this site. The Instagram App gives you many interesting features that are flexible and easy to go with while browsing the app.

You can download Instagram videos on your device easily and I will be telling you how to get your favourite videos in the later part of this post.

Download videos from instagram

So, if you feel like saving your data by not watching the video online then you can prefer to download it to your PC and watch it later offline.

Though Instagram is a flexible app and you can use it on almost all platforms but using it in PC is little more interesting because the screen is bigger compared to Smartphone and Tablets.

Features of Instagram

  • It manages your filters by picking your desired filters and arranges them in a simple and listed way. You can tap on the “Manage” icon, and later select filters that you want.
  • The main purpose of Instagram is to share your best photos and best clicks with your friends worldwide to feed your friends. For sending photos, you can easily tap the icon below and send easily using the options.
  • You can Straighten, adjust perspective and rotate photos and it enables you to cropped your images to post.
  • Facebook, Twitter are known as the most popular networks for social sharing in Instagram. So, you can link to more social network accounts by adding shareable accounts.
  • There are three separate apps for aiding Instagram- Hyperlapse which is an easiest and simple app that helps to create some time-lapse videos,
  • With the help of Layout, you can easily create some collaged kind of images.
  • Using Boomerang, you can create some repetitive videos which are quite easy.
  • It enables you to change the cover frame of the video easily, which means that before you post any video, you can add frame and edit a little bit and post.
  • You can see all the photos you are tagged in by just going to your profile and going through some steps which will enable you to change the icon as well.
  • You can speed up the loading times and use gestures as well which is an amazing inbuilt feature of Instagram.

How to Download Instagram Videos on PC?

The is an absolutely video downloader and it is the primary motivation behind the downloading problems faced by most of the people.

You can now easily download your favorite videos from any social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many other sites. Here are some of the downloading steps mentioned below:

  • First of all, to get the URL of the Instagram video that you want to download and for that you will need to go in the and log in.
  • Now, search for the video you’re looking for and once you find the video, click and open.
  • You will find a sort of pop-up in your browser and the URL bar now will appear.
  • Copy the URL and then go to and it will be pasted automatically on the URL.
  • Now a downloading option will appear on the screen, and you can tap on it for downloading the video.

So, you can now easily download the Instagram video by following the steps mentioned above. You can also share those downloaded videos with your friends later whenever you feel like sharing. So, this way you can regenerate your memories and keep them evergreen forever.

I hope that you find this article helpful, as Instagram is the most popular sites for sharing your best moments with your friends. Similarly, you can also download and capture the favorite video posted by your friends by downloading it on your device easily.

If you are looking for way to download #InstaVideos on your Android phone, check these Top 7 Instagram Video Downloading Apps.


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