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Download Followers Assistant App to Check Who Unfollowed You

download followers assistant app

Do you ever sense that someone has blocked or unfollow you? With the help of Followers Assistant App, you can now easily check who have unfollowed you on Instagram. After increasing Instagram followers, you can also notice if there anyone unfollowing you. You can distinguish some decreased followers your profile but can’t characterize particular unfollowed account by default.

Well, the official Instagram site do not allow you to do so. There are some restriction which will only allow you to watch how many people have followed you, following you, or views other post and hit likes and comment or like their comments.

download Followers Assistant App

But as an Instagram users, we know there is an option that can unfollow the people which you don’t like. And actually, yu are not enabled to watch how many people have unfollowed you. This is very annoying when someone has unfollowed you but you don’t know who have actually do it.

So here we are going to discuss the third party app, Followers Assistant App.This free app will not only allow you to check who have Unfollow you but also give you full details about how many numbers of people had Follow, comments, and Likes.

Features of Followers Assistance App

Well, this app is not at all powered by the Instagrams but some awesome features are enabled that allows the user to get access to his or her Instagram profile. There are more features about this app, so take a moment to read about Followers Assistant App.

followers assistant app how to check who unfollowed me

Features of Followers Assistant App are:

  • This app is easy to use, it has beginners tips.
  • You can check who has to follow/unfollow your profile every hour or day.
  • This app also provides you to enable/disable likes of a different post in your Instagram post.
  • You don’t have to open your Instagram regularly, you can view comments directly using the Followers Assistant app.
  • If you have some annoying people who have followed you and their irritating post is coming into your timelines then you can instantly delete the following. This will automatically delete the follower from your profiles.
  • This App is a multi-tasker which enables you to Add other profile and also view their profile information and check their un-followers in the same app.

How to download Followers Assistant App?

Follow Assistant App is a unique app for spying on your Instagram profile. This app is free to download on your Google Play store, but you can also get the free APK file to download and install the app. If you have an Instagram account and wondering how many of your friends have followed or unfollow you, then simply download this app.

Tutorials for Download via Play Store:

To download the App from Google Play store, you should have the Google Account. If you don’t have any, then create first as the Play store will not allow you to access without Google accounts. So let us start the download process now.

followers assistant app

Steps are-

  • Go to the Google play store or simply Click Here
  • Now you will be redirected to the official Play store site.
  • Click the Install button to download and install the app.

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Tutorials for Download using APK file for Android-

If you don’t have Google account, then you still have to download the APK.You don’t have to create any account to use the APK files.Let us start the download now-

Steps are-

  • To download the APK file- Click here
  • This will automatically download the APK file on your phone.
  • But you won’t be able to install the app until you make some changes in your Android phone.

Go to the Setting> Security> Device Administration> enable Unknown Source

  • Now you can freely install any APK files. Locate the downloaded APK file in your Download folder.
  • Next click on the APK file of Followers Assistant App.
  • Finally, this will automatically download and install the app.

Note: So these are the two process for downloads and you can get the app in any either way.

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How to use Followers Assistant App to Check Who Unfollowed You?

Well, after you have installed the apps now you can easily spy your Instagram profile. All you need to do is open the app and Login your valid Instagram username and password.

How to check who unfollowed you on Instagram:

  • Once you have successfully entered your username & password, now you can access into the Follower Assistant app. Now you will see how many people have followed you, ignored you, or unfollowed you etc.
  • When you first enter the App you will find a page- Who Unfollowed. In this section, you will find out who have actually unfollowed you even after once following you.
  • When you swipe to the next page, you will find the page- Who does not follow. In this section, you will discover who have accepted your request and followed back to you.
  • This page- Follow Back will allow you to watch those people who have actually follow you and you did follow back to them.
  • Finally, White List which will allow you to check all the list of those whom you frequently contact or visit their page or like their post.

followers assistant app

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Conclusion: Download Followers Assistant app now and track unfollowers

So these are the complete details and reviews about Download Followers Assistant App. the one and only app, that will allow you to check who have unfollowed you on Instagram. As discussed earlier, Instagram does not allow to check on how many people have unfollowed you. But you can actually do so, using the third part app. So if you have lost of friends on Instagram, and if many of them have unfollowed you, then check one by one who is they that have disliked you. Well, there is nothing to be worried why they unfollowed you, but it is for fun that you can know who have unfollowed you.

Hope you find this article very useful, most of the Instagram unfollow checker does not work but this app is tested and it works very well.

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