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1 Year Experience With DigitalOcean [Review] -10$ Credit On Sign Up


Hi guys, Today we are going to Review DigitalOcean based on our user experience of last 1 year. On using our DigitalOcean Promo Code on your DO account will be credited with 10$ for FREE. Before using DigitalOcean I had used more than 10 different hosting companies and still using them for my multiple sites.

I started using Digital Ocean Since November 2015 and still using it, additionally adding more sites and droplets in it. Additionally I had been using HostGator, BlueHost, DreamHost, GoogieHost and few more along with DigitalOcean. But when it comes to VPS Cloud Hosting I stick with DigitalOcean.

Back on 2013 when I started Blogging, I was not aware of any good or bad hosting due to lack of experience. It is not easy as well as unfair to judge any hosting company by using it for a day or week. The things I look for in any hosting company before I make any purchase are server performance reviews, Speed, uptime, users reviews, and support.

All the hosting companies provide good hosting services according to their own plans, its you who have to choose the best one which fits your all requirement. All hosting companies has their own positive points and negative points, so its more about understanding your requirement and best hosting company according to your requirements. Currently DigitalOcean Black Friday offer is going on with good money saving opportunity.

DigitalOcean Review Overview:

Digital ocean


Digital Ocean is one of the leading cloud hosting companies today with very flexible plans interns of features and pricing varying from a range of just 5$- 1,680$. DigitalOcean is providing excellent service since it started on 2011. It has gained good reputation over years because of their high performance server along with good support team.They also provides the full root access of the server, therefore small technical knowledge about it can help you handling the droplets easily. In order to get user friendly interface you can also install control panel for your droplet manually by your own.

Supports I Got:

There are multiple times when I faced multiple technical issues which were fixed quickly with the help of their support team. Apart from that what I found different with Digital Ocean support team was that, it is little different from other hosting support team when it comes to billing.

I had used multiple hosting companies and still using, none of the hosting companies kept my any sites live if the hosting period was over. They just inform me once before the expiry and if I forget to renew within the given time, they just suspend the account till I renew it.

When I faced issue with DigitalOcean issue I got sorted out in this manner.


Billing solution

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DigitalOcean Features:

DigitalOcean Scaling:

DigitalOcean is very flexible and easy to use. These tools help you scale creating, automating, and also managing a robust infrastructure including features like Floating IPs, API, Networking, Shared Private and Team Accounts.

DigitalOcean API:

DigitalOcean has created simple spaced name API, which provides the complete control of your private server over you. You will find web control panel on DigitalOcean which will be available via API.

DigitalOcean supports all kinds of major virtual server actions which will allow you to build in your own control interface.

DigitalOcean Control Panel:

DigitalOcean has a very clean and easy friendly interface to use control panel by which you will be able to control all your VPS servers. You can also Create, rebuild, resize, and snapshot with every single click.

DigitalOcean Distros & 1-Click Apps:

DigitalOcean also provides Linux distribution and installation of the application, and while creating a droplet, you can click on the application tab and get started with the cloud server within 55 sec.

DigitalOcean Networking:

DigitalOcean has also provided tools to build resilient networks.

DigitalOcean Extra Features:

There are some more extra features such as Access, Power, Resize, Snapshots, Setting, Backups, Graphs, History and Destroy.

DigitalOcean Customer Support:

If you have any kind of problem, you can directly get in touch with the support team. The digitalocean support team is really very active if you face any kind of issue you can contact DigitalOcean support team via live chat or ticket system. If you are willing to contact via Ticket system then you will have to fill up form by entering your name, email, subject, and a brief description of how DigitalOcean can help you? They will get back to you just within one hour.

All the team members are experienced one, they will not fail to help you out of any kind of issue regarding their servers.

DigitalOcean Pricing Plans:

Normally, DigitalOcean offers two types of plans First is Simple Pricing Plans which is for small business and bloggers with the average amount of traffic.

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High Volume Plans is for big company sites and the prices start from 160$ per month having 16GB memory, 8 core processor, 160GB SSD Disk and 6TB Transfer. The second one is 320$ per month having 32GB memory, 12 core processor, 320GB SSD Disk and 7TB Transfer. The third one is 480$ with 48GB memory, 16 core processor, 480GB SSD Disk and 8TB Transfer, and the last one is 640$ per month having 64GB memory, 20 core processor, 640GB SSD Disk and 9TB Transfer.

high volume

All the plans provided by DigitalOcean includes Solid-state Drives (SSD), Global Image Transfer, DNS Management, Private networking, 99.99% uptime SLA, and the US, Europe & Asia Locations.

You can pay them via Paypal, Discover or American Express.

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DigitalOcean Review Conclusion:

DigitalOcean Review: I personally like the services they provide and it is one of the best web hostings according to me. Many web developers across the country use DigitalOcean web hosting, and every DigitalOcean clients are Happy with their services and you will not even find bad about DigitalOcean review.

Well, I hope you got lots of information regarding Digitalocean Review, which is my personal experienced review and comparing all the clients I hope you will also enjoy using DigitalOcean and also do share your experiences and review the hosting on our comment section.

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