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Dare to Travel on the Most Dangerous Rail Bridge in India

Pamban bridge India

Do you know which is the deadliest and dangerous rail route of India? Check out the deadliest rail bridge of India that will thrill you to travel through this route. It’s the “Pamban Sea Bridge“, which is the first ever sea bridge to connect the island town of Rameswaram.

This bridge also named as The Queen Of Indian Bridge, which was first proposed on 1870 by the British Government. It took 3 years to complete from 1911 to 1914. This rail bridge is in service from 24 February 1914 and it is about 2 KM in length which connects Palk Strait to Rameswaram.

As of now, it is the deadliest rail bridge of India and also the first sea bridge of India. It is considered to be the scariest because it is just a few feet above from sea level. Yes, just 41 feet above sea level!!! as a result, its low raised concrete piers is completely invisible during monsoon & heavy rain. Though the speed limit is up to 15 KPH because the bridge has double-leaf bascule section midway that is to pass barges and ships, it can really be a great thrill to travel by train.

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Few can forget the journey of Pamban Bridge crossing over blue sea, it is not just scary but also a mesmerising sea sight that you can have on a bridge. Till 2009, before Worli bridge was constructed, it was the longest bridge in India.

Also counted as world’s second highly corrosive rail bridge by location because it depends on the situation of nature. As it prevent any rail movement when the wind speed exceeds 65 KPH or signals are turned red for rail service.

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The bridge was shuttered after a cyclone strike on 26 December 1964 and regenerated 6 months later. Location of this bridge is in cyclone prone area and high wind velocity zone. Hence, it is referred as the scariest sea bridge of India. Check out the video here

For thrill seaway journey it is a good spot to for most those who love challenges. Are you planning to go there? Let me know if you already visited there and share experiences with us.

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