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Daniel Bryan leaving WWE?

Daniel Bryan leaving WWE

In recent years, Daniel Bryan has been one of the most fan favorite superstars. The leader of yes nation despite having a short career in WWE, Daniel Bryan has won 3-world time championship.

Bryan career came to an end in 2015 due to the concussions he suffered during his entire wrestling career, and then in the start of 2016 i.e. month of February Daniel Bryan announced his retirement as the doctors who were checking Daniel said that he will never be able to wrestle.

Even though Daniel quit Wrestling but within a short period he was brought back to the company but not as a wrestler rather as the General Manager of SmackDown.

Daniel Bryan leaving WWE

And for the last one and half years, he has been the General Manager of SmackDown. However, in the mid of 2017, WWE began a storyline between Daniel Bryan and the commissioner of SmackDown Shane McMahon.

Rumours suggest that this on-going feud between Daniel and Shane McMahon would lead to a match between them at this year’s summer slam and could very well be a big main event.

All those plans got side-lined recently when a report came out according to which, Daniel Bryan turned down a major WWE contract as his current contract is going to get expired in the coming months.

The news was originally reported by WrestlingNewsWorld. According to them, WWE offered Bryan a massive extension contract, but Bryan didn’t accept the offer, which means two things, either Daniel is leaving WWE or he is retiring.

Why would Daniel Bryan be leaving WWE?

Well the Doctors at WWE hasn’t given the clearance to Bryan so that he could wrestle again. However, this is news is based on the old reports. Many suggest that Daniel Bryan wants to try out his luck in the independent circuit, and that’s exactly why he isn’t interested in extending his current WWE contract.

As a matter of fact, that has been the reason why WWE has been turning Daniel Bryan heel before he leaves WWE.

This decision of Bryan has changed quite a lot of plans which were in the works. For those who may not know, Daniel Bryan is also an important character in total divas, so if he joins the independent circuit this could also have a bad implication on the show.

As WWE won’t be happy to promote a wrestler of other company on their show despite the fact that Brie (wife of Daniel) and Nikki are two of most important characters of the Total Diva’s show.

So, in total, if Daniel Bryan leaves WWE then this could be a very big blow for the company.

With all this going around, Daniel has made any official comment regarding this future in WWE. But during a Facebook Live session, he did say that he is making come back in 2018 for sure.

Now with Daniel declining WWE’s contract, this could be a possibility that Daniel Bryan would be coming out of his retirement to wrestle again but this time it would be for some other company rather than WWE.

That’s what Daniel Bryan is planning but WWE, on the other hand, will try their best to keep Bryan in the company as he is a big name and a popular face.

The company due to lack of big superstars has been relying on part-timers and with Daniel Bryan departure at this moment will not be a good thing for the company.

One thing for sure Daniel Bryan is leaving WWE but when that will happen only time will tell. Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Tell us what you think about Daniel Bryan exit plan from WWE in the comment section below.





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