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How To Create Or Sign Up Netflix Free Trial Account For HD Movies?

create Netflix Account

Do you like watching Netflix HD movies? well, Netflix is one of the best online streaming sites for movies and TV shows. Netflix will allow watching your favorite movies free for one month. And you can enjoy the Netflix in any device like- PC, Android or iOS.

create Netflix Account

If you want to watch HD movies on your Phone, TV, or PC then you have to sign up and apply for Netflix Account. And there are some tricks by which you can free access to Netflix for longer periods rather than one month.

Having Netflix account, you will able to unlock new ways of watching movies. Some of the best features are like- HD, Ultra HD video qualities, you can switch screens you can watch on at the same time in different devices. And the best thing is that you will have access to unlimited movies and TV shows. If you are using or creating the Netflix account for the first time, then you could get a free trial for the first month.

How to create or Sign-up free Netflix account

If you want to create a Netflix account you first have to sign-in to Netflix account using your computer. Once you have got signed in to your account now you can have the free trials. But you should remember, you cannot use the same account for getting the free trials again. Once the free trials are ended, you will have to purchase the plans. Or else you can create another account and get the free trials for the next month.

Key Features

  • HD Quality and also Ultra HD Quality movies and TV show or videos included.
  • You can switch to any screens which are either laptop, TV, phone and tablet
  • Once account is created, you will get unlimited movies and TV shows
  • If you wish, you can also cancel anytime and order to watch other movies anytime.
  • And finally, of course, the first month free trials.
  • There is also 3 plans, which you can buy for different usability.
  • Payment can be made by Credit card, debit card etc.

create Netflix Account

How to create a new account and enjoy free trials

The best think of having the Netflix is you can watch all the movies for free online for the first one month. Well, it is also the truth that there is no such condition that you will continue using the Free Trial for the rest of your Life. You must get the best plan for you that will allow you to continue watching HD quality movies and TV Shows.

Steps to Create New Account are-

  • First, go to the official Netflix website. Click here
  • Now click on the Join Free for a Month
  • Next, you will enter into the sign-up section.
  • Enter your valid email address and phone number.
  • Now select a password for your account.
  • Finally, Bill section will come where you have chosen the plan and click which plan you will try.
  • Now you have entered your Debit card number and CVV code, which you can also enter even if the card doesn’t have balance. And finally, enjoy the Netflix free for another one month.

create Netflix Account

Note: when you are trying to add new account make sure you have entered with new email and phone number, and also your debit card number.

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How to make Payment

The above are some of the easy tricks for watching free movies on Netflix. But at some point, you got to switch to Premium plan for enjoying HD or ultra-HD movies and TV shows. There are 3 plans for you to choose which cost differently. The 3 plans are- Basic @ Rs.500 INR/month, Standard @ Rs.650 INR/month and the last Premium @ Rs.800 INR/month.

Well, it is confirmed that once you have ended your first one-month trial now it is time to make the purchase and use the full version. You can make the purchase using your credit card, and debit card.

Netflix Plans

  1. Basic

The basic plan is the first one @ Rs.500INR per month. This plan comes with the features like Free one month Trial, watch movies on only one screen at a time, watch them on either Laptop, TV or Smartphones, get access to unlimited movies and also you have the options to cancel anytime you wish.

But you will not get all the features like- HD & ultra HD quality videos player.

  1. Standard

This is the second plan, @ Rs.650 INR per month. This plan gives you option like- HD quality movies, access to unlimited movies and TV Shows, you can watch it on your Laptop, TV or smartphones. You will also get the free trial for first one month and also you display Netflix up to 2 screens at the same time.

Ultra HD quality is still not enabled.

  1. Premium

Now finally the premium plan which comes with all the features mentioned above and also the premium features are also present. First of all, you will get the free trial and also your will watch movies on HD & Ultra HD quality. You will get access to unlimited movies and TV shows. And you can watch any movies on your preferred device viewing up to 4 screens at the same time. So you can enjoy Netflix to the fullest @ just Rs.800INR per month.

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So these are the best tricks by which you can easily get the free trial for the first month. The benefits of having Netflix on your PC is to make sure you can enjoy all the latest movie and TV shows. When you watch TV, you have to buy packs and plans that are even costlier than this Netflix price. And also you won’t have the freedom to choose your favorite movies and watch them instantly. So you should try the Netflix and get a free trial for first one month. And after you have enjoyed all the free trials for the first month you can also repeat by creating another account. While, at some point, you still have to purchase with the new plan to keep continuing unlimited movies and TV shows.

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