5 Crazy & Fun Challenges to Do With Friends
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5 Crazy & Fun Challenges to Do With Friends

Bored with your daily scheduled work or studies? Take a break for a while and make some crazy & Fun challenges with friends at home or outdoors. The challenges can be amazing or disgusting, stupid or cool. In the end what we expect is to enjoy the quality of life to refresh our mind.

For that, we need to think of something funny challenges to do with friends that will fill the day with fun and never to forget memories. It’s very simple and time to start something funny challenges to kick off your boredom.

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Guys, it’s high time to get off from your cozy sofa or from those virtual fantasies and make some noise with your friends. Because I am going to bring you some really crazy and fun challenges to do with friends that you should try it out. Get ready and enjoy the real funny challenges with your friends and families to make great memories together.

5 Crazy & Fun Challenges to do With Friends

What would be the best memories in the end other than trying some stupid challenges or some really weird stuff while having fun with your loved ones? Scroll down and see the challenges –

#1: Pickle Challenge you should try

Well, Pickle challenge sounds really disgusting but its fun too. Many of you love pickles while some are not. So, pickle challenge would be great and fun. Just divide you and your friends into two groups.

The challenge goes like this – every group must eat the whole jar of pickle within the set time frame of 10 minutes. Whoever finishes or eats the maximum pickle within the time wins the challenge.

Is it not interesting? What do you say? Yes, it is and it would say this is one of the best ways to kick off your boredom with this type of challenges to do friends.

#2: Gallon Milk Challenge to try

Yes, Gallon Milk Challenge seems fun but need to show up your courage too. Consuming a gallon of milk can be one of the crazy and fun challenges to do with friends.

The rules for the Gallon Milk challenge are like this – one can take up this courageous challenge at a time but with a set of a time limit, for example, say it for ’30 minutes.’ The one who drinks the gallon milk in the said time without spitting wins the challenge.

While the challenge is on you need to make sure that the competitor does not puke it out or else it will be disqualified. So, how do you like this Gallon Milk Challenge? If you like it then you can try this challenge with your friends and have fun together.

#3: The Lap Game Challenge

The Lap Game Challenge is something really crazy and weird challenge but it’s fun enough if you dare to take up the challenge. This game is popular and going viral on the internet.

The rules for the Lap Game challenge is that – whoever is being nominated for the challenge, the person has to sit on the stranger’s lap for a minute at least. This is really a crazy challenge because you never how that stranger’s reaction would be. For more fun, capture the video of the game and upload it.

#4: The Attire Exchange Challenge between boys and girls

The attire exchange challenge is a real fun game and interesting. What else could be weird than this challenge? But let me tell you, you would surely love this challenge to do with friends.

The rules for this challenge is simple. Boys have to wear girl’s attire and vice versa. The attires to be kept in front. And also must set a time frame for the challenge, say it for 10 seconds for every attire exchange.

And the one who will wear the attire perfectly will be the winner of the challenge. Wow, I’m loving it! Do You?

#5: Try Not To Laugh Challenge

Well, this is gonna be interesting and fun all the more. Who does not want to laugh when you see something funny or weird? In the same way, this challenge quite fun and you won’t stop laughing as the challenge starts off.

This Try not to laugh challenge has gone viral on the internet till quite some time now and found to be very amazing. You can try this game with your group of friends by watching some funny videos but without laughing.

And that is the time you want to laugh a lot and you can not afford to take a risk of giving up the challenge with laughter. Try this awesome challenge and try not to laugh even for the funniest video. This is fun, right?

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Well, these are the interesting 5 crazy and fun challenges to do with friends. Try any one of the above challenges and get rid of your boredom. You can also think of some new ideas and have great fun together with your friends and families together. Enjoyment is not mandatory but rather I would say, you must give it try to some of the challenges in life and feel every moment special to create memories with people who meant a lot to you. Live, love and laugh before your life gets too busy.

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